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7 things to do in Adelaide under $10

In any new city, it’s hard to crack the low-budget options. But don’t worry, not everything will cost you a kidney in the City of Churches.

Adelaide, affectionately known as ‘Rad-elaide’ to locals, has a pretty broad appeal. You may already know that the food and wine scene there pops off, the museums are cultural meccas and the small bar scene is growing bigger by the year.

Nestled nicely between the hills and the ocean, Adelaide is grabbing our attention now, and you don’t even need a hefty budget to get to the good stuff. In fact, here are 7 things you can get up to in Adelaide for under $10.

Sniff out a laneway hub

There’s something about venturing off the beaten track that makes you feel like you’ve really seen a city. Gone are the days that the phrase ‘down the dark alley’ has an ominous meaning. Say that to any local in Adelaide, and they’ll probably hit you back with, “Sure, let’s meet there in an hour?” Bars, cafes and boutiques are tucked behind those main roads, with some faves including Lindes Lane, Blackeby’s Old Sweet Shop, The Coffee Pot and Soonta. In order to keep this rendezvous under $10, you can’t exactly go ballistic with your ordering, but there are definitely some cheap, delicious options.

Take this little piggy to market

You’ll find when Adelaide comes up in conversation, Central Market will most likely get a mention. This place is an orgy for the taste buds, with its locally-made food, specialty coffee and even wine tours for the ballers. This place is where South Australia really turns it on: we’re talking farm-fresh fruit and vegetables, hormone-free meats, artisan cheeses, smoked meats and seafood. Most of the official tours will blow over $10, but many of the treats and samples will stick to budget. It’s is by far the best / cheapest place to get your breakfast-fill.

Stroll through the past

Boost the endorphins and the brain at the same time with a long walk through Port Adelaide’s 19th-century buildings, classic Aussie pubs and old seaside wharves. There are self-guided walking maps at the tourist office to help you get your bearings and save data on Google Maps. Or, if the weather is kind, kayak along Port River (it’s a known dolphin hangout), or drop into the Maritime Museum on Lipson Street to kick the culture up a notch. If you’re feeling thirsty after all that strolling, finish the day at the Port Dock Brewery Hotel for a crisp, craft beer.

Suss out the Galleries of North Terrace

Indulge your inner nerd at the ritzy North Terrace boulevard, which is where all the big wig cultural institutions can be found: take your pick out of State Parliament, Adelaide Casino, the Convention Centre, Art Gallery of South Australia, the South Australian Museum and The University of Adelaide. With a little pre-planning, you could even have a picnic at the Botanic Gardens, and invest your $10 each in supermarket snacks. Your low-fi crisps will go down like caviar in the presence of all those historic buildings and glasshouses on site.

Sun the buns at the beach

Thank you, Captain Obvious. Of course you were going to hit the beach while budgeting on holiday Down Under. Everyone knows you can pretty much hit your paradise quota with just a towel, a speaker (for tunes) and a Coca-Cola on the Adelaide beaches. That’s change from you tenner, too! If you’re looking for a busy, buzzy vibe then check out Glenelg, or if you prefer something more laid back, hit Henley and Grange with wooden piers, beachside cafes and old-school pubs. If you feel like a throwback to a simpler time, where fish ‘n’ chips were a given and safe swimming was a guarantee, drive down to Semaphore.

On ya bike, mate

Did you know that bike hire in Adelaide is FREE? Nothing, zero, zilch. That’s $10 change from your $10 note. They’re available for daytime hire at a bunch of different depots in the city centre, including Bicycle SA in Franklin Street and a some local council offices. All you need is a valid driver’s license or passport. Given this city is mostly flat landscape, this is an ideal way to see the sights. If you’re looking for a little more direction, ride to Henley Beach along Linear Park - the trip takes 40 minutes each way.

Head for the (Adelaide) Hills

If you’ve got wheels, $10 worth of fuel will probably get you to and from the Adelaide Hills. Only a 20 minute drive away, this region is so tranquil and picturesque that you’ll feel full on the views alone. (But also, it couldn’t hurt to eat a sandwich before you leave the house.)

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