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Currumbin Alley, Currumbin Beach, QLD

9 places [you may not know] to take your summer bod

R U down for swimming Down Under?

Did you know there are more than 10,000 beaches lining our shores? That’s basically 10,000 opportunities to whip out your rig (translation: hot bod) just waiting to be seized.

No doubt you’ve heard… curves are the new angles and strong is the new slim, for boys and girls alike, and we finally live in a world where hard work pays off.

And even if you haven’t jumped on the fitness bandwagon, beaches are where it often goes down. You can soft-sand run, swim in the waves, surf, boogie-board, sand-board. Plus, they’re also places where you can do sweet FA and bake those buns sunny-side-up.

It’s time to cash in on that cardio and explore some of our coastline at the same time. Here are our favourite spots to get your guns out Down Under.

What a dream come true.

Australia by the water

North Point, Moreton Island, Queensland

The 75 minute ferry ride it takes to get there from Brisbane will work psychological wonders in itself, because there’s something about travelling by boat that makes you feel like you really WENT somewhere.

The white sand, crystal blue water or looming rocky cliffs might otherwise tip you off, that you’re, you know, not in Kansas anymore.

This is the perfect place to whip out that new cossie.

Point King, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

You know those beautiful mansions that line almost every coastline all over the world? The ones that you look up at longingly and imagine are your home? The Mornington Peninsula is no exception and, tucked secretly beneath them, are two hidden beaches called Point King. And you don’t need a divorce settlement or lottery win to access them. Just follow the path at the end of Point King Road and you can hike, kayak, dive and explore the reef – all for free. Or, sprawl across the hot sand and work on your tan.

Shelly Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

Sparkly and shallow, Shelly Beach is like the trophy wife of the Australian shores. Just one short ferry to Manly from Circular Quay, and suddenly you’ve landed in a marine-protected sanctuary where you’re free to dive and snorkel as you please. Once you’ve milked the water for paparazzi ops, take the winding track up the headland for a scenic view of North Head and neighboring beaches.

Plus, no one even bothers to get dressed before they head to The Boathouse Shelly Beach for lunch or breakfast, making it a feast not only for the bellies but for the eyes.

Seven Mile Beach, Hobart, Tasmania

Feelin’ confident enough to slow-walk in your swimsuit along a fresh crescent of coastline? Seven Mile is what you want. It’s only 20 minutes from Hobart’s center, and makes for a perfect dipping/picnicking/whale-watching location. If you’re done with being sexy, you can even take a bushwalk through the wilderness at the headland.

East Point Reserve, Darwin, Northern Territory

East Point Reserve is a stunning manmade saltwater lake, with pastel blues and vibrant greens that’ll bring the best out of your tan. If you’re a buff-on-the-outside-geeky-on-the-inside Clarke Kent type, you’ll also enjoy exploring the military artefacts such as old gun turrets from World War II.

Middleton Beach, Albany, Western Australia

There’s not much else to get up to in Albany besides chilling like you’ve never chilled before – and the sheltered beaches of King George Sound are a solid place to start. The waves are small enough not to disrupt your Insta-shoot, and the Western Australian sunset over the water will paralyse you for a pleasurable few minutes. Don your best bikini and give those seals and dolphins something to talk about.

Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland

Move over, Surfer’s Paradise. This Queensland beach is the ideal setting for testing out your undercooked surfing skills, undercooked paddle boarding skills and overcooked babe-spotting skills. Hire all the equipment you need from Currumbin Boatshed and once you’ve worked up an appetite, tuck into a classic Aussie breakfast at the Elephant Rock Café. It overlooks the beach, which means you don’t even have to put your pants back on.

Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia

Fishing babes, listen carefully. With its gentle surf and long jetty, Henley Beach is not only an A-plus swimming spot, but also perfect for fishing for salmon trout, tommy ruff and mulloway. You don’t need a license to fish in South Australia, but feel free to skim through the guidelines. When you’re bored of standing around lookin’ good with a rod in your hand, sample the local wines produced in the region such as the Barossa, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale.

Coalcliff, Wollongong, New South Wales

This beach is so good-looking that it might even show you up. Less than a two hour drive from Sydney, this beach is surrounded by rocks and cliffs [almost] harder than your abdominal wall. If you love a dip, there's also a salty rock pool you can swim in at the southern tip, and if you love to fish, this place is prime snapper and bream territory. Pick up a fishing licence easily here. And for those who like to drink, you’ll find the Scarborough Hotel just down the road in all its beer-gardened, ocean-viewed glory.

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