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Australia’s coolest coastal town is ...what!?

Oz's coolest coastal town is ...what!?

Adjust your itineraries guys, we’re heading north!

By Jess Wilkinson & Georgia Rickard

We don’t want to ruin the surprise of the juicy, clickbait headline but we also kind of do. So we will. It’s Newcastle. Truth be told we were as surprised as anyone. But it turns out, Newcastle  has a lot to offer and you simply must go. Here’s three reasons why.


Newcastle's Clever Renewal

Newcastle, New South Wales

So, Newcastle way back when was an industrial hub, producing coal, steel and copper for Australia and export, but things changed and the old industrial building were left empty.

Then, this local dude by the name of Marcus Westbury had an idea: what if those buildings were offered to young, creative start-ups – for free? Great idea Marcus. We like your thinking. So, the Renew Newcastle initiative was born! The initiative has since been rolled out in cities in Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada and the US.


Unique Shopping

Hunt&Gather Markets, Newcastle, New South Wales

The Renew initiative (above - have you been paying attention?) gave young entrepreneurs the space to take risks which means all these amazing artisans have found exposure and success. This makes shopping in Newcastle pretty unique. Our tips; the Darby Street precinct and the Hunt&Gather markets. 


The Local Tastes of a Global City

The Edwards, Newcastle, New South Wales

Obvs when a city becomes cool, so too does its food scene. Start at The Edwards, a restaurant, bar, shop, laundromat, vinyl store and motorbike workshop by Chris Joannou (member of legendary Australian rock band Silverchair). Have at least one organic brunch at Blue Door, take your pick from the bars lining the waterfront Honeysuckle precinct (we especially like The Landing), and end at least one evening with a drink at Coal and Cedar, an underground speakeasy set in the reinforced bunker of a heritage bank.