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How to Get Here

Picture the scene – Tuesday morning and you're getting rained on…Wednesday evening, you're sitting outside on a balmy night enjoying an amazing meal down in Oz. That's how easy it is. And there's real choice of where you fly to because we've got 8 major international gateways here in Australia.

We can't pretend that Australia's just a short hop away, but the journey's part of the fun and getting here has never been easier. There are loads of international airlines that fly to Australia from Europe, so you can always find a flight to fit your needs and budget.

Journeys from Europe take on average 22 hours, including a stop on the way for a bit of retail therapy in Duty Free. So set up your favourite playlists on your iPod, sit back, catch up on the local flicks and let the cabin crew wait on you 'til you arrive.

A lot of airlines also give you the flexibility to fly in to, and out of, different gateways. So you don't have to start and end your working holiday year in the same city. I.e. You can fly into Sydney to begin your adventure and fly out of Perth when you leave. This gives you greater flexibility for your adventure as it means that you can visit a large number of Australian destinations – without having to worry about ending up where you started.

Plus, some airlines offer domestic air passes, which you can buy at the same time as your international flight. Handy if you want to start your working holiday in one of Australia's regional areas. Fly into one of our big cities and use your domestic airpass to wing you to one of our smaller regional airports.

Search online or see your local travel agent for the latest deals. Click here to search for an Aussie Specialist near you.

Once you arrive in Australia, you will find the journey is part of your adventure. There are a number of different transport options and journey ideas for travelling around. View here.