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Live, Travel and Work in Oz Where to stay

Finding somewhere to lay your head is a piece of cake.

You can't spend a whole year in a hostel. Well, you could, but it could get boring. Good job we've got such a wide range of accommodation options. Apart from the obvious ones of hotels, motels, B&Bs and hostels, here are a few you might not have thought about.

Jobs with Accommodation

Get a job that includes accommodation. You'd be surprised how many jobs come with a roof over your head.

Farm stays
Want a bit of country living? Farm stays are a great way for you to leave the hustle of city life behind for a bit! Plus if you get a job on a farm, they will give you accommodation with the job.

The same goes for harvesting work in our wine regions and fruit growing areas. A place to live goes with the job and the likelihood is, you'll be sharing with people you're working with so it gives you a chance to make some great friends. Harvesting work is a great way to earn yourself a second year working holiday visa.

Work in a hotel and you might get a room with the job. It might not be in the Presidential Suite, but it'll keep you off the streets.

Island Resorts
Like the hotels, if you're working at an island resort, your accommodation can be thrown in.

Flat Share

If you're staying in the same place for a while – maybe you've got a 6-month job contract – then get yourself into a flat share. Move in with friends or other travellers. Or for a real slice of Australia, get a flat share with some locals. They'll be your inside track to everything that's hot where you're staying.


Feeling adventurous? Hire a campervan and go on a 'roadie' (road trip). There are campsites all over and it's a great way to see the country. It gives you the ultimate freedom to go anywhere and do whatever you want.

Fact is, finding somewhere to lay your head is easy and you can sort your first couple of nights before you arrive and then find places to stay from the people you meet along the way. To see what's on offer, click here.