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Plan your own Aussie Adventure

There's nothing like taking a holiday in Australia!

Across the country you'll enjoy a warm welcome from the friendly locals, meet our weird and wonderful wildlife and get to experience our laidback lifestyle. In our mythical outback, vibrant cities and on our sun kissed beaches you'll find yourself trying new things and enjoying new adventures.

The key to having a great holiday in Oz is to plan it well. Don't try and 'do' the whole country in one go. Instead choose a few key experiences or locations and build a trip around those, making sure you include days where you relax and live like a local.

To help you plan the perfect holiday, we've put together lots of information ranging from Two Week Itinerary Ideas to a map full of local secrets and insider tips from the Australian public. Explore the suggestions below, and if you'd like more details contact your local Aussie Specialist travel agent.

Whether you've got two weeks or two months to explore, you'll have an incredible time and leave with stories that will last a lifetime. There is really nothing like it!

Itinerary ideas