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Two Weeks in Australia

It’s amazing what you can do in Australia in as little as two weeks.

With the right amount of planning you can enjoy our laidback coastal lifestyle, our wonderful wildlife and our delicious food and wine. To make sure you’re not taking on too much, pick just two or three locations to use as a base and explore from there.

Whichever Aussie city you fly in to, you’ll either be on the beach or close to the coast so pack your swimmers to make the most of our incredible aquatic playground. Whether you choose to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, eat fresh seafood overlooking Bondi Beach, paddle with platypus on the Great Ocean Road, swim with sealions in South Australia, fish off the beaches near Darwin or catch up with the kangaroos at Lucky Bay you’ll come home with memories that will last a lifetime.

Let’s dispel some of the myths…

Australia’s too far from the UK for a two week holiday. It’s not! Take a Friday night flight from the UK and return two Sundays later – that’s 14 full days in Australia for just ten days off work.

You can’t do much in two weeks…

Think again! Check out our Two Week Walkabout itineraries which give you lots of ideas of how to enjoy two weeks in Oz.

A two week holiday in Australia would cost a lot… The exchange rate between the Aussie dollar and the English pound is increasingly favourable so your cash will go further than you think.

Let us inspire you

From cities to beaches, rainforests to the Red Centre, there's plenty to Australia that you can discover in as little as two weeks - you can design each part of your own perfect adventure, but here's a small selection to get you started.


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