Top ways to experience Uluru

From camel riding to skydiving, these are the top ways to experience this iconic Australian destination. Top ways to experience Uluru
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Top ways to experience Uluru

From camel riding to skydiving, these are the top ways to experience this iconic Australian destination. 

A visit to Uluru is one of the must-do Australian experiences. It’s a quintessential Australian outback experience, imbued with history and indigenous culture.

You can, of course, walk around Uluru and visit by car to the various look-outs to witness the amazing sunrise and sunset over the red sands, but if you’re wanting to take your desert experience to the next level, there are a variety of other ways you can experience the Central Australian desert.

From camel rides to skydiving and helicopter tours – here are the best ways to experience Uluru. 

Camel Train Tour, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Red Centre, Northern Territory

Camel Rides

Meander through the red sand dunes on the back of a camel and take in the beauty of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Uluru Camel Tours is home to over 60 friendly camels, and their Camel Farm is open all year round for visitors to come and have a short ride and explore the camel museum and saddlery.

Sunrise: Breathe in the cool morning air and take in your surrounds as dawn breaks over Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Watch the desert come to life and after the ride enjoy some freshly baked beer bread damper with quandong jam and a cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee.
Duration: Camel ride is 1 hour, tour is 2.5 hours in total

Sunset: This journey will take you through the desert as the sun sets over Uluru. Your guide will describe the flora and fauna of the landscape surrounding you on your ride, and you’ll return at twilight to enjoy a selection of alcoholic beverages and outback bush foods.
Duration: Camel ride is 1 hour, tour is 2.5 hours in total

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For those seeking more of an adrenaline rush, try SkyDive Uluru. Giving you breathtaking 360 degree views of Uluru and the Kata Tjuta, the amazing free fall is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You have two options: The first, is a longer parachute ride with your parachute opening shortly after leaving the plane. The second, is for the ultimate thrill seekers, with an extra-long freefall. You can choose to jump at sunset or sunrise.

All skydives are tandem jumps, which means you’re securely connected to an experienced tandem instructor who will guide you through the entire jump.


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Uluru Scenic Flights, Uluru, Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory


If seeing Uluru from the air appeals but jumping out of a plane doesn’t, try doing a helicopter tour. Choose from one of the many tours with Uluru Scenic Flights for a bespoke Uluru experience.

Uluru: This is the basic tour that will take you over Uluru, giving you a perspective that you’d never get from walking the base.
Duration: 30 minutes

Uluru and Kata Tjuta: This tour will showcase Kata Tjuta -  a group of 36 rock domes the highest of which stands 198 meters taller than Uluru and dates back 500 million years. The best part of this tour is that access from ground based touring is restricted to over 75% of Kata Tjuta.
Duration: 30 minutes

Kings Canyon: The tour of Kings Canyon takes you over the great salt lakes of Lake Amadeus and on to Kings Canyon for an aerial tour. You’ll land at Kings Canyon Resort for a guided creek bed walk.
Duration: 3.5 hours


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Day tour

If you want to traditional Uluru experience, opt for a base walk at sunrise or sunset. The base trail is 12 kilometres (7.6 miles), and the guided tour will teach you everything you need to know about culture, geology and natural environment surrounding the rock.

The trail will take you along the Mala Walk to the Kantju Gorge (and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see water cascading down the side of Uluru). You’ll visit waterholes, Aboriginal rock art, learn of Uluru’s cultural significance to the Anangu people and listen to traditional dreamtime stories. 


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