15 day wildlife experience

Explore Australia from Kakadu to Kangaroo Island. Stay in luxury accommodation while witnessing some of Australia's most magnificent wildlife in its natural habitat. 15 day wildlife experience
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15 day wildlife experience

Explore Australia from Kakadu to Kangaroo Island. Stay in luxury accommodation while witnessing some of Australia's most magnificent wildlife in its natural habitat. 

Australia is a place of exceptional natural beauty where ancient rainforests and vast national parks, rugged mountain ranges and reefs, beaches and waterways, provide sanctuary for Australia’s wondrous wildlife. With the continent accommodating more than 20,000 plant species and 2,300 animal and bird species, many of these endemic, this itinerary encourages complete immersion themselves in Australia’s natural environments and the ability to get up close and personal with our unique wildlife.

Suggested trip length: 15 nights, plus a night on route where required.

                                                                       Words by Luxury Lodges of Australia



From Darwin airport, you will need to take a private flight (20 minutes) and a chauffeured drive (15 minutes) to Bamurru Plains.

Bamurru Plains is an extraordinary safari-style bush experience on the edge of Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory.  The coastal floodplains of northern Australia are home to prolific bird and wildlife (Australia’s answer to the Okavango Delta) whilst Kakadu and Arnhem Land are the heartland of the country’s indigenous culture.

Please note: Bamurru Plains is open from 1 May to 31 October.

A selection of must do experiences:

Airboat tour: a morning trip out on the floodplain wetlands of the Mary River catchment in an airboat is utterly exhilarating and the only way to truly experience this achingly beautiful natural environment and the prolific bird and wildlife it hosts.

4WD safaris: with the recession of the waters from much of the floodplain in the dry season, the plains become accessible to 4WD vehicles and an afternoon out with one of the guides will provide a unique insight to this fragile yet very important environment.

Bird watching: the Mary River catchment is home to some 236 species of bird, many of which are found at Bamurru Plains. Even in the dry season the floodplains on the property still retain large areas of water to which the birdlife congregates in extraordinary numbers rarely seen elsewhere in Australia.

Fishing: plus, with the camp being located on the edge of the floodplains it is the ideal place to hook one of Australia’s great sports fish, the Barramundi.

TRANSIT: Drive 15 minutes to the private airstrip, take the private 20 minute flight to Darwin airport. Fly to Sydney (four hours), stay overnight in Sydney then drive to Emirates One&Only Wolgen Valley Resort and Spa (three hours). 



Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Australian wilderness at the conservation-led Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley. With 40 stand-alone suites, each with its own private swimming pool and 7,000 acres of nature to explore, enjoy a memorable break with distinctive dining and very special wildlife experiences.

A selection of must do experiences: 

Wolgan Wildlife Drive: An all-encompassing tour of the Wolgan Valley reserve, guests can observe Australia’s native wildlife including the rare white wallaroo. The tour concludes with canapés accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine as you watch the sun disappear over the horizon.

Trail ride: Horse riding in Australia’s Blue Mountains is the ideal way to become familiar with the bush, and the types of terrain while encountering the reserve’s wildlife.

Nocturnal Wildlife Spotlighting: Torchlight reveals the flashing eyes of sleepy possums, grazing wombats, wallaroos and wallabies. Lucky guests will see an albino wallaroo – one of only a handful in existence (a rare genetic strain found only at Wolgan Valley).

Guided mountain bike tour:  Following tracks and trails over largely level terrain with only the occasional small hill, the exhilarating mountain bike rides skirt a picturesque freshwater dam where wildlife is commonly seen.

TRANSIT: Drive to Sydney airport (three hours), take a flight to Lord Howe Island (two hours), drive 5 minutes to Capella Lodge. 



Often referred to as the last paradise on earth, world heritage listed Lord Howe Island is home to Capella Lodge, a contemporary luxe beach-style lodge offering an exclusive and unique island experience. Located on the world’s southern-most coral reef, with a mixture of temperate and tropical marine life – many endemic to the island, Lord Howe has a unique underwater world to explore.

A selection of must do experiences:

Ball’s Pyramid and surrounding sites: world class diving and species endemic to the region. Expect to see massive schools of Violet Sweep, Amberjack, Kingfish, Silver Drummer, Ballina Angelfish, Rainbow Runners, Trevally and occasionally Marlin, Dolphins and Wahoo. The dive sites average 25 metres in depth and range from drift dives, cave dives or simply following a coral wall.

Lord Howe Island Museum: acquaint yourself with Lord Howe’s colourful past, you’ll find a library, plus historical and environmental exhibitions, as well as a replica skeleton of a long-extinct giant horned turtle. At 5pm each day (except Wednesday and Saturday), local experts conduct presentations on history and the environment.

Explore the caves: undertake a journey of discovery with world renowned naturalist Ian Hutton, spend a day exploring the most remote rocky coves while walking to the summit of Mt Gower rated as one of Australia’s best day walks and learn all about the islands rare birds, plants, geology and marine life.

Fish feeding: at Ned’s Beach let the fish come to you. Be part of a favourite Lord Howe ritual and help feed eager mullet, wrasse, garfish, silver drummer, spangled emperor and metre-long kingfish.

TRANSIT: Drive five minutes to Lord Howe Island airport, fly to Sydney (two hours) take a connnecting flight to Adelaide (2 hours). Drive four hours to Arkaba.



Arkaba’s true luxury lies in the fact that its 60,000 acres (24281 hectares) of private wildlife conservancy is shared by just 10 guests, taking the definition of exclusivity to a new level in Australia.  Located in the ancient and awe-inspiring scale landscape of the Flinders Ranges, Arkaba provides the opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the story of the bush – its ancient geology, diverse wildlife and the chance to understand the conservation challenges that Australia faces.

A selection of must do experiences:

See Arkaba’s wildlife: with Australia’s three largest macropods (Red Kangaroo, Western Grey Kangaroo and Common Wallaroo) all regular sightings. The country’s most endangered macropod, the Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby, has also returned to Arkaba’s range since the introduction of active conservation programs.

Join a field guide: for those keen to learn more of the challenges Australia faces in saving its diversity of wildlife, join one of Arkaba’s field guides one evening to track a radio collared feral cat or set up the trip cameras that monitor key sites across the property. The tourism dollars that are spent at Arkaba go straight back into wildlife conservation on the property and an ever improving wilderness experience.

Bushwalking: spending time with a local guide bushwalking along the dry bed of the Arkaba Creek is a great way to soak up the sounds and smells of the bush and expand your knowledge on Australian fauna and flora. 

Drive to Adelaide airport (4 hours) take a flight to Kingscote Kangaroo Island airport (30 minutes) then drive to Southern Ocean Lodge (50 minutes). 



Kangaroo Island is renowned as Australia’s Galapagos and nicknamed ‘the zoo without fences’. It brims with diverse wildlife and natural beauty. On the island’s southwest coast, globally celebrated Southern Ocean Lodge offers unrivalled luxury in a uniquely Australian setting.

A selection of must do experiences:

Wonders of KI: a half-day guided journey into Flinders Chase National Park showcasing natural icons the Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch, home to a fur seal colony. A spectacular introduction to Kangaroo Island’s wildlife, marine heritage and stunning coastal landscapes.

Kangas & Kanapés: signature sunset drinks experience at nearby Grassdale, a historic island property. Premium South Australian beverages, canapés and kangaroos grazing in the late afternoon sunlight.

Explore Cape Young-husband: trek with your naturalist guide through dense Mallee scrub and along impressive limestone cliff tops. Experience the wonder of hardy flora growing along this amazing rugged coastline, spot the Osprey hovering above, the Fur Seals frolicking in the Southern Ocean waters below and the intriguing formations of the Remarkable Rocks in the distance.

Quad Bike Safari: a fun, interpretive quad bike adventure led by the lodge naturalist guide providing insight into the local wildlife and landscape seen along the way.

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