René Redzepi's favourite Australian experiences

René Redzepi, chef and co-owner of Noma in Copenhagen is currently 'in residence' at Sydney’s Barangaroo precinct with Noma Australia. And fortunately, like the good traveller that he is, Redzepi has plenty of answers to the question 'what should I do in Australia?'. Here are some of René Redzepi’s favourite things to do in Australia. René Redzepi's favourite Australian experiences
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René Redzepi's favourite Australian experiences

René Redzepi, chef and co-owner of Noma in Copenhagen is currently 'in residence' at Sydney’s Barangaroo precinct with Noma Australia – a 10 week restaurant project that took Redzepi and his team around Australia to source ingredients and inspiration.

“We’ve been all over the country,” says Redzepi. “From Sydney to Gove, Tasmania’s Bay of Fires to Darwin, Flinders Island to the Tiwi Island, Melbourne, Adelaide, Margaret River, the Coorong and Reedy Creek. And up and down the east coast as far as southern Queensland.”

And fortunately, like the good traveller that he is, Redzepi has plenty of answers to the question 'what should I do in Australia?'. Here are some of René Redzepi’s favourite things to do in Australia.

See the original Australia 
“Whether in Arnhem Land or elsewhere in outback Australia, you get such a sense of something ancient and original – it really shows you what Australia is, and was 500 or 5000 years or even 50000 years ago. Just stopping at three metres (10 feet) tall ant hills, seeing the red soil, creeks full of crocs, climbing trees to pick green ants nests… It’s something quite extraordinary.”

Explore Australia’s beaches
“Every beach is different but there are so many picture-perfect places all around Australia, some so secluded there is absolutely no one around. We’ve seen some amazing spots in Western Australia, for example, without a soul there.

"If you want complete solitude go to Flinders Island or Kangaroo Island and find a lodge or just lose yourself in books and nature experiences. Flinders Island was one of the highlights. Complete tranquillity. The best experience of Australia is going into nature. Oh, and a surf lesson is almost mandatory if you haven’t tried it before."

See a show at Sydney Opera House, New South Wales
“I had seen so many images of the Sydney Opera House before I first arrived here. But seeing it for real just doesn’t compare. And what I really like about it is that it is the people’s palace, so adopted by the taxpayer as a place where you can see not only high-brow performances but music stars like Prince… Everything.

"The Sydney Opera House is so accessible and I think they have done an extraordinary job in making it a place for everybody. The whole approach tells you something about laid-back Aussieness – a model for how a modern theatre should be run.”

Go to Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills, South Australia
“Adelaide is a quaint little-large city – I love being there and exploring it, eating at Orana or that crazy place, Africola (South African fire-based cooking by chef Duncan Welgemoed). And then the Adelaide Hills for the wines, which is a lovely experience. There is really something going on there! Very creative people producing something like just 1000 bottles of some obscure grape variety but with such energy and commitment.”

The wine list at Noma Australia features a number of Adelaide Hills wines including labels from Travis Tausend, Lucy Margaux (Anton von Klopper), Jasper Buttons and Olivier Cohen. 

Eat in Melbourne, Victoria
“You do need to eat at Attica in Melbourne. Ben Shewry’s Attica is an experience that really puts you into Australia. There is so much good food in Melbourne, everywhere you go.

"Another place I’ve been blown away by is Lune Croissanterie. It could be the best pastry shop in the world, in my opinion! Get ready for lines even longer than the waiting list at Attica. They only do a few pastries but they do them well, really well.

Take the Coogee to Bondi cliff walk, Sydney, New South Wales
“The Coogee to Bondi cliff walk is a quintessentially Sydney thing and I love it. Passing the Waverley Cemetery, passing all the beaches, seeing the waves crashing and ending up with lunch at Sean’s Panaroma in Bondi to complete the iconic Sydney experience. On the way, you could make a detour to Iggy’s bakery for the best bread in Sydney. I’m really impressed by what they do.”

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