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2 days in the Daintree and Cape Tribulation

Jindalba Boardwalk, Daintree Rainforest, Queensland

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Watching the sun rise at Cape Trib Beach House is an amazing way to start your day. The soft, pastel rays light up the ocean before warming the beach and rainforest beyond. Take in the moment of calm, then prepare for your next adventure - a fast boat ride to the reef.

Ocean Safari gets you there with the wind in your hair. Bookings are essential, and check-in is at 8am at the Ocean Safari Office. From there it’s a short walk along the beach to the boat. The engines and music start up and you’re away and pumping. This half-day tour, which brings no more than 25 guests, gives you two one-hour snorkelling sessions at two different locations. You’ll float over giant clams and colourful corals, seek out schools of fish and might even swim with sea turtles. 

After a lunch of fresh produce and local seafood at Whet Restaurant, it’s time for beach combing on Cape Tribulation Beach. A wide stretch of sand takes you to some amazing tidal pools where you can see starfish, reef fish and sea cucumbers. Find the Coral Sea on one side and towering rainforest mountains on the other. This is what a holiday at Cape Tribulation is all about - connecting with nature and making memories.

As the day pushes on, it’s time to wipe the sand from your feet and head back to Cairns. But before you do, be sure to grab a refreshing treat from the Daintree Ice Cream Company. With a cone in tow, head to the car ferry before driving back to the city. 

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