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Time your trip to Australia with these events

Horse racing at Flemington Race Course, Melbourne Cup Carnival, Victoria

Riverfire, Brisbane Festival, Queensland

Australian Open, Melbourne, Victoria

Audi Beach BBQ, Margaret River Gourmet Escape, Margaret River, Western Australia

Whale Shark, Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

Humans may like to travel, but so too do many other creatures. Seasonal animal migrations are an incredible experience to bear witness to and there are some extraordinary sightings you can have right here in Australia. The annual whale shark migration to Ningaloo Reef off the coast of Western Australia occurs between March and July, where they come to mate and feed on coral spawn and plankton. During these months you can swim alongside these friendly giants.

Also sighted around Ningaloo, as well as Queensland and Northern New South Wales are dugongs. They migrate to the warm, shallow waters when temperatures cool down to feed on seagrass along Australia’s shorelines. Your best chance at encountering one of these unique mammals is by taking a cruise, scenic flight or on a snorkelling tour.

During spring, thousands of birds including curlews, bar-tailed godtwits, turnstones and snipes, migrate from Alaska and northern parts of Asia to shoreline mudflats and coastal wetlands across Australia. This round-trip is known as the East Asian - Australasian Flyway that spans an incredible 26 countries. A great bird watching location includes Moreton Bay and the Pumicestone Passage that extends between north Brisbane to the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Kings Park Festival, Kings Park Botanic Gardens, Perth, Western Australia