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Holiday Like Parineeti Chopra in Uluru

Follow Parineeti Chopra as she journeys to the heart of Australia and connects with the originals of the land

By Sarah Merchant

Beautiful, majestic and grand, that’s how Parineeti Chopra chose to describe Uluru. And rightly so! The spiritual capital of Australia is filled with experiences that will leave you awestruck. Take a look at the experiences that she absolutely loved!

The Field of Light experience

Bruce Munro’s Field of Light has stayed in the news ever since its launch at Uluru And for good reasons! This epic art installation features more than 50,000 frosted-glass spheres that light up at sunset and glow throughout the night, creating a mesmerizing sight. Imagine, catching a sunset here!

PS: The field is as huge as seven football grounds put together.

First Encounter with the heart of Australia

No matter how many photos you see or stories you hear about the Red Center, nothing prepares you for your first encounter with it. The magnificence of the rock engulfs you and fills you with awe. The feeling is magical, beautiful and absolutely majestic! It’ll be an experience you’ll cherish forever.

Helicopter ride over Kata Tjuta National Park

The helicopter ride offers a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the beautiful Kata Tjuta National Park. Aboard the helicopter, you will soar high over red desert sands, looming sand dunes, wild camels and of course the Red Centre, Uluru. One of the best ways to explore the heart of Australia, if you ask us!

Aboriginal Dot Painting Workshop 

What better way to know the art of the Aboriginals than by learning it from them? Under the guidance of a local Indigenous artist, understand the meaning behind this unique art, interpret the hidden tales in them and create your own artwork to take back home. 

Harley Davidson Ride in the Outback

Love bike rides? Then you’ll definitely enjoy the Harley Davidson ride. See the famous Uluru up-close and explore the raw beauty of Kata Tjuta as you ride pillion along the famous Australian outback highway. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Sunset at Tali Wiru 

Sunsets at Uluru are famous the world-over. It’s fascinating to see the massive rock change colour with the setting sun. And there’s no better place than Tali Wiru (‘beautiful dune’ in the local Anangu language) to capture this magnificent sight. An open-air restaurant, here you can enjoy an after sun-set champagne and a four-course dinner featuring indigenous Australian flavours, followed by Aboriginal storytelling session. A must-do in the Outback!