Australia is famous for its wide open spaces, lively cities and endless opportunity for adventure. When you only have a long weekend to travel, Australia might seem out of reach. But with flights available daily and less than five hours flying time from Singapore to Darwin, the Northern Territory is the perfect destination to explore in just a few days.

Visiting the Northern Territory for a long weekend

Wetlands airboat safari tour, Mary River © Shaana McNaught 2016

Get your adrenaline pumping with an airboat ride

The Northern Territory is home to breathtaking flood plains and lagoons, and there’s no better way to experience them than with a heart-pumping airboat ride. Using a powerful propeller, the airboats are able to access areas that nothing else can. With Wildlands Wetlands Safari Cruises, you’ll glide across the seemingly endless Mary River wetlands. Spot saltwater crocodiles, birds and lotus flowers as you explore the Corroboree Billabong. Take a tour with Outback Floatplane Adventures, which leaves from Darwin, to cruise through pristine wetlands and monsoonal rainforests. Some tours even include the opportunity to fly over the floodplains, land in a lagoon and take a refreshing swim in a crocodile-safe enclosure.

Discover Darwin’s best day trips

Sunset at Mindil Beach, Darwin City © Aude Mayans/Tourism NT

Eat and drink on Mindil Beach

Darwin is the perfect destination to explore over a long weekend. To taste some of the best Asia-Pacific cuisine in the city, head to the Mindil Beach Sunset Market, which runs on Thursday and Sunday evenings from April to October. The market is a delicious reflection of the multiculturalism of Darwin, showcasing more than 30 exotic culinary styles. Soak up the flavours of Aboriginal, Islander, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese and European cuisine before witnessing one of Mindil Beach’s famous sunsets. Grab a spot on the sand and watch as the sun turns the sky vibrant shades of orange and pink as it descends into the Timor Sea.

Find out how to spend three days in Darwin

Fishing, Yellow Water Billabong, NT © Shaana McNaught  2016

Go fishing for Barramundi

Australia’s Northern Territory is spoilt with several incredible fishing opportunities. Darwin Harbour, Mary River and Kakadu are some of the state’s most exceptional. Glide across Kakadu’s most famous billabong, Yellow Water, on a three-hour Barramundi-catching mission with Yellow Water Fishing Tours. Fish for some of Australia’s most prized catches like barramundi, Queenfish and mud crabs with Darwin Harbour Fishing Charters. You’ll be fishing within 20 minutes of leaving shore, and have the chance to catch over 40 species. If you’d rather fish along the winding Mary River, embark on a fishing expedition with Reel Screamin’ Barra Fishing. Fish for barramundi, an exhilarating catch, as well as threadfin salmon and mackerel. Reeling in a fish of your own will give you a whole new appreciation of the Northern Territory’s incredible seafood.

Spend two days fishing in the Top End

Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise, Adelaide River © Shaana McNaught 2012

Witness jumping crocodiles in the wild

There are plenty of incredible animals in the Northern Territory, but one of the biggest - and most powerful - is the saltwater crocodile. Simply called “salties” by locals, Australia’s saltwater crocodiles can grow to over five and a half metres (18 feet) in length, making them one of the most impressive animals anywhere in the country. On a crocodile cruise down the Adelaide River, you’ll get up close to crocodiles of all sizes. Take a Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise to watch the elusive creatures jump from the surface of the water. From the safety of the boat, you’ll witness the instinctive hunting habits of the huge salties.

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