Four day outback adventure

Learn about the legendary bootmaker and Australian icon, R.M. Williams on this four-day journey in the Australian outback. Four day outback adventure
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Four day outback adventure

Learn about the legendary bootmaker and Australian icon, R.M. Williams on this four-day journey in the Australian outback. 

This hand-crafted journey created by The Tailor takes you into the outback of South Australia, tracing the personal history of RM Williams and telling the story of how he created the famous leather boots that are now sold around the world.

This four day itinerary will give you a rare opportunity to explore several outback destinations in South Australia, such as the Flinders Ranges and Lake Eyre while enjoying traditional country hospitality and eating delicious regional cuisine. 

                                                                                                    Words by The Tailor

Angorichina Station in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Day 1

Today begins with breakfast at the Mayfair Hotel before meeting your driver at the concierge desk. Board a private coach for the short drive to the R.M.Williams factory. On arrival you will receive a personal welcome by a senior company employee who will then escort you through the factory floor, explaining the technicalities involved in making each pair of R.M.Williams boots.

At the end of the tour, you will be transferred to North Adelaide for a delightful lunch at one of the city’s leading restaurants. After lunch, you will be transferred to Percy Street, Prospect, where R.M.Williams first advertised handcrafted elastic sided boots for sale to the public in the 1930s. Here you will have chance to visit the R.M.Williams museum, tour the retail outlet and choose your own pair of expertly fitted Craftsman boots – these can be personalised in time for your return to Adelaide.

Afterwards, your driver will transfer you to the Mayfair Hotel. 

The Prairie Hotel at Parachilna, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Day 2

Today you'll be departing Adelaide, bound for The Flinders Ranges. Fly via Wilpena Pound for aerial views of the Ranges. On arrival at Blinman you will be met by your guide Ross Fargher and transferred to Angorichina Station for morning tea in Australia’s oldest native pine Woolshed that is still in use.

Blinman, nestled in the central Flinders Ranges, is the highest town in South Australia. The town dates back to the discovery of copper in 1859. At its peak the population of Blinman was over 1500. Today this peaceful outback town has a population of just 22 permanent residents.

Transfer to The Prairie Hotel in the tiny settlement of Parachilna. The journey takes you via Parachilna Gorge where you will enjoy spectacular scenic views, including the sight of the gorge’s towering and photogenic river gums.

Parachilna is home to one of Australia's greatest outback gourmet pubs. The Prairie Hotel offers an eco-luxury experience, which will give you an authentic taste of Outback life but without sacrificing the comforts of modern city living.

Depart Parachilna for Brachina Gorge, one of the region’s most spectacular attractions. The gorge is an important refuge for the Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby, as well as many species of birds and reptiles. Brachina Gorge provides a window through 130 million years of the Earth’s history and offers insight into past climates, the formation of the ranges and the evolution of early life forms.

After the tour of the Brachina Gorge, return to The Prairie Hotel and enjoy evening drinks and nibbles on the hotel veranda as you watch the sun set over the western plain. 

Brachina Gorge in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Day 3

An early start this morning. After breakfast at The Prairie Hotel, you will be driven to the Leigh Creek airstrip to travel to Balcanoona and transfer close to the nearby town of Nepabunna.

R.M. Williams called this place home when he was younger, helping local Indigenous Australians at the Nepabunna Aboriginal Mission in the Gammon Ranges. Here you'll learn about leather crafting and boot-making and your guide and local Aboriginal park ranger will provide further details about the early life of R.M. Williams.

Depart Balcanoona, taking off in a north westerly direction and passing the dry salt lake of Lake Frome, desert plains, magnificent land forms and meandering ancient creek beds.

You'll then fly over Lake Eyre, Australia’s largest inland lake and the lowest point in Australia. Although usually dry, Lake Eyre does occasionally experience dramatic floods – but it has only completely filled three times in the past 160 years.

You will continue flying towards Birdsville. The amazing channel country will astound you with its beauty. The plane will then track over the Big Red before landing at Birdsville for ‘smoko’ (lunch) and a tour of the hotel.

After leaving Birdsville, your scenic aerial journey continues before landing at Leigh Creek. Once on the ground you will be transferred to The Prairie Hotel. 

Nilpena Station, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Day 4

After breakfast at The Prairie Hotel, you will be driven to Nilpena Station.

Nilpena Station is a working sheep station situated approximately 44 kilometres (27 miles) north of Parachilna in the Flinders Ranges region neighbouring Lake Torrens. The property currently occupies 800 square kilometres (308 square miles).

It is here that you will enjoy a lavish lunch in the woolshed and a tour of the property before departing from a nearby Claypan to Adelaide. This amazing natural claypan, a dense and compact layer of soil, mostly clay, is surrounded by a row of dramatic red dunes.

You will arrive in the General Aviation Terminal at approximately 5pm. If you are booking onward flights from Adelaide, we recommend booking something that leaves no earlier than 6.30pm. 


This article originally appeared on The Tailor

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