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Dining halal style in Adelaide is an authentic experience; pretences are low but quality and flavours are at an all time high.

Adelaide has a rich Muslim heritage and is home to the oldest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere, built in 1888. Diners seeking halal food therefore won’t be disappointed with the number of authentic choices available in South Australia. From the classy dining surrounds at Marrakech Morroccan, to the casual, unassuming context of Lawash Bakery and Kebab Shop, the experience may vary but one thing remains the same: the quality of food and genuine halal certification is assured.


Marrakech Moroccan

There’s one thing that Marrakech Moroccan isn’t short on, and that’s personality. There’s distinctive North African tapestries, stained glass lighting and Arabic music in this small, dimly lit room, but the mood is amped up by the ebullient chef and owner, who warmly greets his guests as they arrive. Start with some filled Moroccan bread before moving onto the generously portioned tagines – lamb, chicken and beef. Try the Tanjia Marrakchia if you’re after a little extra kick. 



Parwana, Adelaide, South Australia

Parwana is a true hidden gem – the near absence of visible signage is testament to that. But step beyond the unobtrusive entrance to a gorgeously tiled, simply decorated room and you’ll find some of the best Afghan cooking in Australia, something that earned Parwana a spot on the list of the Top 50 Adelaide restaurants of 2013. The short menu, changing seasonally, might feature kabuli palaw, a rice dish with caramelised carrot and sultanas, the eggplant-based banjan borani or wonderful marinated chicken or lamb kebabs.

Middle Eastern / Lebanese

Jerusalem Sheshkebab House

Dining at the Jerusalem Sheshkebab House has been an Adelaide tradition for over 40 years – and the cult status owes as much to its food as its hard-wearing, orange décor and no-nonsense service. But don’t be deterred by the reports of brusqueness – it’s a stayer for a reason. The perfectly cooked falafels are addictive and the hummus is spot-on, as are the lamb kofta. As the name implies, the char-grilled meats are a must, especially the marinated lamb kebabs.

Lawash Bakery and Kebab Shop

It’s a bare bones shop and more of a bakery than a restaurant, but you come here simply for the food – that is, some of the tastiest, freshly cooked kebabs in the city. Plain or potato-stuffed bread comes still steaming from the oven and plates of kebabs are sparingly accompanied by lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and a zingy yoghurt. It’s not where you’d bring a first date – unless, that is, they’re into real food and real experiences.