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How to see Vivid Sydney over 3 nights

See the best of Vivid Sydney over three fun-packed nights including Sydney Harbour, The Rocks and more. 

By Vivid Sydney
Published: 25 May, 2017

Vivid Sydney is an immersive festival of light, music and ideas which showcases the best in art, performance and thinking from 26 May to 17 June all around Sydney. 

Discover how to experience the best of Vivid Sydney in just three nights and get the most out of this exciting event.

Night one - dinner at Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour, Sydney, New South Wales

Spend an evening at Darling Harbour and surround yourself with some of the festival’s best light installations. Darling Harbour contains plenty of restaurants, bars and eateries which offer great vantage points for watching Vivid Sydney. Enjoy The Gift of Sight, an exhibition of incredible artworks which are visible only with the help of a special UV torch.

Look to the Australian National Maritime Museum’s rooftop to view Inspired by the Sea, and be sure to check one of the precinct’s highlights, Magicians of the Mist. This extraordinary show combines art and technology in a stunning display featuring lasers, searchlights, 40-metre high (131-feet high) light projections, water fountains, fireworks and more!

Night two - stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens

Electric Forest at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, New South Wales

The Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the biggest precincts in the Vivid Sydney 2017 program, with a number of captivating light installations scattered throughout its grounds. Take a walk through the gardens at night to get the best view of the amazing works on display. Start off with inSIGHT, a massive face depicted on a low-fidelity digital display. Showcasing a variety of facial animations, the installation explores changes in expression, gender and character.

Wander through the glimmering Electric Forest, and set aside time to see the eerie You Lookin’ At Me? installation: five large eyeballs which follow the movements of those passing by. Afterwards, catch the glowing Birds of Lumos, created by artists Amigo and Amigo, and The Sunflowers, a row of solar-powered sculptures which welcome each visitor to the gardens with a polite bow. Finally, don’t forget to pose for the perfect Instagram photo along with the giant SYDNEYLAND sign!

Night three - after dark fun at the Rocks

Museum of Contemporary Art, The Rocks, Sydney, New South Wales

Head to The Rocks to see beautiful and thought-provoking installations throughout Vivid Sydney. Check out AXIOM, a light sculpture which combines light, geometrics, music and animation to challenge perceptions of physical and virtual space. Just minutes away, Portholes will offer visitors the chance to peer into the furthest corners of Earth, from the stars to the sea, while MUSICbox will transform Cadman’s Cottage into an immersive, 3D music space that translates your movements into music and colour.