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Australia’s most Instagrammable hot chocolates

Australia’s most Instagrammable hot chocolates

Hot-chocolatey treats that are as ‘gram worthy as they are delicious.

By Jessica Wilkinson & Dan Stephen

Let’s be real for a moment. Hot chocolate has kiiind of fallen by the wayside in the light of all the fancy shmancy hot bevos on offer these days BUT, add a little fairy floss, wood smoke and matcha and you’ve got yourself a buzzworthy ho cho worthy of a bit of Insta action.


Hot Chocolate Sphere, Melbourne

What: A jug of hot choc and a large glass containing a chocolate sphere on a bed of chocolate shavings. Pour the liquid into the glass and the sphere melts, revealing a trove of marshmallows. A TROVE, guys.
Where: Long Story Short Cafe
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Goldfinger Hot Chocolate, Brisbane

What: The Goldfinger; a caramel hot chocolate topped with cream, salted caramel sauce and honeycomb; or the Unicorn, a strawberry hot choc with sprinkles and marshmallows.
Where: Piggy Back Cafe
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Campfire Hot Chocolate, Melbourne

What: A beaker of top-grade hot chocolate, a stemless Bordeaux glass filled with beechwood smoke and an artfully toasted marshmallow. Combine the ingredients and be transported to the great outdoors.
Where: Mörk Chocolate Brew House
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French Earl Grey Hot Chocolate, Sydney

What: A range of tea-infused hot chocolates: the matcha and chai options are adorned with delicate foam and nothing else. For something a bit showier, try the cult-favourite French Earl Grey hot chocolate, topped with Persian fairy floss.
Where: T Totaler
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