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Breweries in New South Wales

New South Wales' hottest breweries

The craft beer scene in New South Wales is off the chain, with many breweries to pop into after a long Sunday drive. 

It’s unlikely you’ll get bored in New South Wales, as there are tonnes of kewl pubs and venues to drink/dance/dine your way through. Still, if mindless drink-chugging gets a little old and you find yourself asking the question ‘But Where Do You Come From?’, it might be time to head straight to the source.

(It also might be time to take a little nap, given you’re talking to your beer, just sayin’.)

With the help of our friends at BIG4, we know just the froth-houses to get you started on your journey of enlightenment.


Stone & Wood Brewing Co, Byron Bay, NSW

If Stone & Wood were a band then Pacific Ale would be the lead singer. Go down on this rock star IRL at the very place it was invented. To enhance the experience, join a brewery tour too, and the boys will get a definite LOL out of the urinal design. From Sydney, you’re looking at a one-ish-hour flight or a 9-ish-hour drive - so you do you.

While you’re at it: Byron Bay Brewery might not be as famous as Stone and Wood, but it’s still solid, and let’s face it, you might’ve just driven 9 HOURS to Byron Bay. You deserve a few sights.


Thirsty Crow Brewing Co, Wagga Wagga, NSW

This place has that whole dog-friendly, community thing going on. The beer menu is diverse and will take you on a journey, and if you’re in the mood for a challenge, try the Crow’s Vanilla Stout. You may not like it, but we’ve come too far to back out now. Wagga Wagga is a about a one hour flight and almost 5 hour drive south of Sydney.


4 Pines Brewing Co, Manly, NSW

This brewpub in Manly had to be expanded to cope with the crowds, if that’s any indication. You’ve probably already tried 4 Pines, and if you haven’t, are you some kind of masochist?

These beers are amaze, whether part of its core range (we’re looking at you, pale ale and ESB) or the regular small-batch keller door brews. Take the ferry to Manly from Circular Quay in Sydney - it’s a 30 minute trip.

While you’re at it: Sydney breweries are dime a dozen, thank goodness, but prioritise Young Henrys and Willie the Boatman.


Black Duck Brewing, Port Macquarie, NSW

Tell me this isn’t what a craft brewery should look like and we will call you a liar to your face. It’s understated from the outside, relaxing on the inside, and serves up eight-taps-worth of lagers and ales without an excessive alcohol by volume (ABV)…mostly. Port Macquarie is just over a 4 hour drive north of Sydney, but you can also catch a flight which’ll get you there in about an hour.


Longstocking Brewery, Pambula, NSW

Only 18 months old, this little guy’s just a bubba, but it sure doesn’t act like one. Its brews are themed around the Roaring 20s with names like the Bonnie & Clyde and the Fatty Arbuckle. If you’re all beered out by this point, they also do ciders and ginger beers. Choose between a one hour flight and an almost 6 hour drive south of Sydney.


Murray’s Craft Brewing Co, Bob’s Farm (Port Stephens), NSW

Among the biggest names in the craft beer game, Murray’s is all class. Its brewery setting is inviting both inside and out, it conducts daily brewery tours, and runs a series of crowd-pulling annual events. There are many beers to choose from here, but none of them are just like the other. It’ll take you just over 2 hours to drive there from Sydney.


Camel Rock Brewery, Wallaga Lake, NSW

It’ll take you just over 6 hours to drive to Camel Rock from Sydney, but my gosh, will it be worth it. For starters, the brewery is inside BIG4 Wallaga Lake Holiday Park, solving all your designated driver issues. Housed in a heritage-style building, this puppy is pretty new, but hang tight for more info.

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