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Cheap eats: Hobart

Cheap eats: Hobart

Food that’s cheap but yum

By Jess Wilkinson & Andrew Bain

Hobart may be Australia's smallest capital city, but they sure do know how to eat. Start by grabbing some fish and chips and eating it on the docks as the sun goes down. From there, we’ll guide you through the host of Hobart’s other affordable feeds.

Hobart, get amongst it

Café Lola

Kale and chia seeds can be super expeno so healthy eating doesn't always come cheap, but Café Lola is both fresh and frugal. The paleo-inspired menu includes Lola's paleo pods which mix the likes of grilled polenta with Tasmanian salmon or falafel. Add a smoothie such as the choc mocha antioxidant, and you’ll have pretty much negated the chips and beer you had the night before.

Machine Laundry Cafe

This place legit combines a laundromat and a cafe. Take your coins and your dirty laundry, pop it on a cycle and have breakfast while you wait. Alongside the egg and bacon standards are dishes like parmesan, caramelised onion and spinach pancakes; and the Mental Lentil – a pide roll with spiced vegetable and lentil pattie and salad – all for about 15 bucks.

Cool Thai

We all know that the dodgier the interior of an Asian restaurant, the better the food. In Cool Thai, there's just a handful of basic tables and a postage-stamp-sized counter, but the green curry and pad Thai are as good as anything on the streets of Bangkok. It's also just steps to the art-house State Cinema and Elizabeth Street's pubs and wine bars.

Mures Lower Deck

Okay so here you’ve got two choices. The Upper Deck  for a fine-dining seafood type affair, and the bustling Lower Deck for a good ol’ cheap eat. All the fish here is line caught by Mures' own boat, and the signature seafood chowder is top notch.


Flippers is where you get to sit on the steps of the docks eating fish and chips. The fish and chips start from about $12, or you can take a fancy taste tour of the sea with a fisherman's basket of fresh fish, scallops, crab sticks, calamari and prawn cutlets. Beer is a must.

Jackman & McRoss

Jackman & McRoss is where you’ll find all the baked goods you can eat until you pass out from sugar/butter coma. Try the breakfast panini filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato and avocado, or get down with the locals and get one of the scallop pies.

Ginger Brown

This place is living the absolute dream, pinched between a bike store and a pet grooming studio. Grab a seat at one of Ginger Brown's retro tables and get yourself a fried haloumi, beetroot, orange and baby spinach salad for 14 clams. It makes a great lunchtime stop if you're heading to the Cascade Brewery, up the road.

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