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Cheap Eats Sydney

Cheap Eats: Sydney

Food that’s cheap but yum

By Jessica Wilkinson

Here’s the low-down: you don't have to reserve an expensive, fancy-pants fine-dining table to enjoy Sydney's buzzing food scene. There's a range of cheap eats, from boutique burgers to fuss-free Asian restaurants that will give you bang for your buck.

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Dumplings & Beer

Oh, hey guys, do you like dumplings and do you like beer? Do you like Chinese newspapers covering your table tops, zig-zagged patterned stools and street art wall murals? We thought so. It’s why we made this place top of our list. All we have to do now is tell you it’s great and you’ll love it… so, y’know, it’s great and you’ll love it.

Burger Project

The cheapest way to taste celebrity chef Neil Perry’s famous food is right here at the Burger Project. We may even go so far as to say it is one of the best tasting, best value things you will find between two slices of bread.


K, question time. Have you, or have you not tasted roti? If you haven’t, get out. If you have, you’re gonna know what I’m talking about when I say it may just be the best thing ever. Buttery, light, fluffy and warm… this bread is life. LUCKILY the kind folk at Mamak make an awesome one that they serve with a thick dipping sauce. They do other stuff too, but roti. Remember the roti.

Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan's signature baked bun with BBQ pork puts a spin on the standard Chinese pork bun, with a crisp exterior and flaky, soft dough surrounding a luscious, sweet ball of barbecued pork. At less than AUD$9 for three, this is one of the cheapest Michelin-starred dishes around.

Belle's Hot Chicken

Friends. If you haven’t tried Belles, you haven’t lived. The time in nigh. Get on those spicy drumsticks or wings, eat up that Carolina slaw, and dip until your heart’s content in the blue cheese or peach BBQ sauce.

Pastizzi Cafe

Pastizzi: a delicious AF pastry stuffed with delicious AF-er filling. This bad boy was invented by the Maltese, who are now our heroes. Pastizzi Café takes theirs even further by pimping the filling - like chicken curry, chilli con carne, or sweet ricotta. You can also get some pretty yummo cheap-as pastas here, too.

Rosso Pomodoro

Do you like cheap pizza? So do we! It’s why we love Rosso Pomodoro. It’s authentic, delicious and budget-friendly. Grab a bruschetta all’aglio to start and give a pizze bianchi a try, topped with gorgonzola cheese, ham and mushroom why don’t ’chya?

Spice Alley

The only time four kitchens in a laneway is a good thing. Spice Alley is basically a mini hawker street - y’know like in Singapore and Malaysia. The stalls are run by some of the best Asian chefs in Sydney. Alex Lee Kitchen offers a slice of Singapore with roti (Indian flatbread) and Singapore's national dish of chicken rice. Old Jim Kee is busy dishing up curry puffs, fried noodles and sweet coffee. At Bang Luck things have a Vietnamese accent, and Hong Kong Diner celebrates hot pots and congee.

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