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Hit up Western Australia’s best breweries

Hit up Western Australia’s best breweries

Hang up your driving hat for the day and finish with a cold, tasty beverage.

There are only so many petrol station pit stops one person can abide before the taste of processed snacks and burnt Nescafe begin to get old. 

Luckily, the craft beer scene is a rager Down Under, with many-a frothhouse to choose from.

With the help of our friends at BIG4, we’ve pulled together a list of breweries across Western Australia so good you’ll never want to leave.


Little Creatures, Fremantle, WA

You’ve probably heard of Little Creatures, and truthfully, it deserves its fame. It’s not always easy to become bigger than Ben Hur and still maintain quality control and remember the little people. Like us and our mouths. Located on a massive waterfront site in Fremantle (about a 30 minute drive south of Perth) this brewery is always poppin’ off too. Start with the pale ale, because it’s a crowd fave, and also try the IPA – it’s one of the best in the country.

While you’re at it: Monk Brewery is nearby in Freo and delivers bangin’ brews in chilled surrounds.


Bootleg Brewery, Margaret River, WA

Margaret River is a cool 3 hour drive south of Perth, and it’s filled with hotspots. Bootleg calls itself ‘an oasis of beer in a desert of wine’, which, while it may have been true when it was established way back in 1994, is a little outdated now. It’s not hard to find yourself a sweet yeasty bev in Margaret River anymore, but this one still rules. It’s ales and lagers are frontliners and sitting among its idyllic, tree-lined surrounds on a warm day with beer in hand is pretty much hedonism at its best.

While you’re at it: Cowaramup Brewing and Cheeky Monkey are some other options.


Eagle Bay Brewing, Dunsborough, WA

Driving here from Perth will take you almost 3 hours, yo. If you’re cruising South West WA and you don’t stop here, you’re a flaming imbecile. This place is right up there on the pretty scale, being located on a working farm and delivering flashy-ass views. The brewery follows the German Purity Law to produce five core beers, including a delicious ESB, as well as a spread of specials.

Feral Brewing Co, Swan Valley, WA

Anyone who knows anything about craft beer has heard of this baby. Being a booming brewpub in the heart of wine country makes it a rose amongst the, well, other kinds of roses. There’s a beer garden and a tap room, for Pete’s sake. Also, this place is only about 30 minutes from Perth, NBD.

While you’re at it: Stop by Ironbark or Mash breweries.


Boston Brewing Co, Denmark, WA

There’s loads to love about this family-run brewery. Sample an almighty selection of beers – all carrying names honouring the Great Southern region – led by an American-style pale ale and a nut-brown ale that’s bursting with flavours. Recline with a pint in the dog-friendly outdoor area. With the regular shuttle service that runs for BIG4 caravan park patrons, you could even have a few. Denmark is roughly 4.5 hours south east of Perth by car.

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