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How to get your juice fix on a budget

How to get your juice fix on a budget

When life gives you lemons, squeeze ‘em

When you’re feeling a little fragile from a big night out, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm body in your bed.

Sadly, though, we’re talking about another kinda squeeze.

The fresh, fruity kind that gives back all the vitamins that your poor body is yearning for. The overpriced green kind that smells only of ginger even though there are 30 different ingredients. Yeah, that kind.

Obviously, people who buy juices are on the same level as the people who get regular mani-pedis and drive Ferraris. So, to make this hangover cure more palatable [pun intended], we’ve come up with a plan for making the elixir yourself without costing you a kidney. Let’s be real, you’re gonna be needing both of them after all this liquid.

Your excitement is pulp-able.


Find a second-hand Nutribullet or blender on Gumtree or eBay. These often come in at under $200 brand new as it is, so imagine how cheap you can get them second hand. All you need is someone making a quick exit from the country whose desperation you can tactfully exploit by bartering down the prices of their appliances.


Buy a heap of fruit at the markets. This is not only the freshest and cheapest produce, but it’s also locally grown and often organic. Plus, there are other tasty treats on hand like greasy gozleme and salty B&E rolls. Suss out the top farmer’s markets from Australian Traveller.

Juice up a storm. Get creative with your combos - think ginger for energy, lemon for cleansing, watermelon for hydration, banana for some much-needed serotonin replenishment. And once you’ve solved the thirst issues of today, you’ll be set for the rest of your stay in Australia.

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