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Stop in at Victoria's best breweries

Stop in at Victoria's Best Breweries

It’s time you stop for the day and enjoy a tasty bev somewhere along these wide, open roads.

Your eyes are tired from driving, you’ve burnt through all your mixtapes and your travel mate is blissfully drooling on the passenger window.

Conveniently, the craft beer scene is a real doozy Down Under, with many-a frothhouse to choose from. Why not form some kind of designated driver roster system with your mates and drink your way across Australia?

With the help of our friends at BIG4, we have found a bunch of breweries you couldn’t go wrong with. They’re bound to nip your thirst in the Budweiser.


Bright Brewery, Bright

This brewery is the new(ish) kid on the block, in a town only 1.5 hours from Melbourne city. A perfect pit stop along the Great Ocean Road, Blackman’s has great vibes and a selection of craft beers named after members of the Blackman fam. The Reginald IPA is the most flavoursome family member in our opinion. Reg, stop it.

While you’re at it: suss out Forrest Brewing Company. It’s pretty bang-on one hour to get there from Blackman’s.


Hargreaves Hill Brewing Co, Yarra Glen

There are so many microbreweries in the Yarra Valley, but we still salute the veteran. Think sleek white exterior, cosy interior, its core range so strong you’ll leave with a sixpack. The English special bitter (ESB) is our personal fave. This place is only an hour drive from Melbourne, so you don’t have to make a big song and dance about getting there.

While you’re at it: Check out Coldstream, Napoleone, Watts River, etc.


Red Duck, Ballarat

To sum up, this place has a cellar door setup and strange, striking brews. If you’re a flavour wuss, don’t even bother, because there’s plenty of it on this menu - from the core crew to the seasonal brews. Only a 1.5-hour drive from Melbourne, this place has more of a structured ‘cellar door’ situation going on than a long, relaxed, whip-mah-hair-back-and-forth situation.

While you’re at it: If you want a more interactive experience, try the Athletic Club Brewery, which is also in Ballarat.


Westside Ale Works, South Melbourne

This place makes you feel so at home that it’s almost like you’re in a mate’s warehouse – made even more real by the overt friendliness of the American owners. Taps may change, but flavour is forever.

While you’re at it: There are so many breweries in Melbourne that picking a fave is like Sophie’s Choice. Nevertheless, here they are: Mountain Goat, Two Birds, and Dainton.

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