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Jobs in Australia you can do from anywhere

Jobs you can do from just about anywhere

Looking for a job that won’t bring your holiday down?

There’s plenty of ways to top up your travel dollars Down Under - and, no, you don’t have to work a nine-’til-five to bring home the bacon. There are jobs you can do from the beach, in the surf and on the road.

Plus, the Aussie News Today team have done the maths and uncovered that you can haul a lot more coin here than you can on home turf.

But a caveat: as tempting as it is to get a cash job, it’s super important you play it by the book. Before you get your entrepreneur on, be sure to do your homework so you know the dos and the don’ts. There’s some stuff you’ll need - like a Tax File Number before you begin to build your empire.

So, what are these sweet job opps and where can you find them? Sit tight, we’ve had our team pull them together for you below.

Download Airtasker and get earning

Fancy yourself a whizz at assembling IKEA furniture, helping out with a move, or even doing someone’s homework? Or, what about minding puppies? You can get paid for all these mad skills you possess! Airtasker is the mobile marketplace that may very well be the answer to how to afford your next night out. Simply download the app and cruise for work. Rates start at $25 per hour.

Put your skills to use with Upwork

There are some simple things that you think are easy-as-pie that others might struggle with. Resume-writing for example. Or coding. Or design. So long as you have the skills and the tools, you’ve got what it takes to bid for work on Upwork.  Upwork - yet another marketplace - is a great place to cultivate freelance work. It’s less furniture assembling, more I-do-this-for-a-living vibe …. Consider it your ultimate mobile office.

Keep an eye on Social Media

Check in with local Facebook pages to keep an eye on opportunities. There are always plenty of temp roles going - if you’re a creative, for example, check out Finder’s Fee (it’s private, so you’ll have the request to join) or look for the local loop to see temp gigs in an area near you.

Ride your bike delivering food

Make money on the go by delivering food on a bicycle with services like Ubereats, Foodora and Deliveroo.This job is super flexible as you can choose where and when you work. Need a few extra bucks for the weekend? Work for a few hours a day and score yourself that much needed beer money! Accept a delivery request, head to the restaurant to pick up the food and then deliver it to the given location - easy! Plus, you’ll be squeezing in some sightseeing by cruising around on your bike and exploring the different parts of the city.

Stay like a local and house sit an Aussie home

While you won't technically be earning hard cash, you will be saving a whole lot of money by housesitting in cool locations across Australia. Check out the listings on Aussie House Sitters, Mind a Home and Trusted House Sitters. They usually have a small annual fee (less than a one night hotel rate) and that gives you access to browse hundreds of properties, from beach pads to country homes. Simply choose the house, chat with the owners, arrange the dates and you're booked! Forget expensive rent and hotels, housesitting is like your own Airbnb, but for free! 

Be a water baby

If your vision of Oz is all blue water and killer waves, you're not wrong. And the best way to ensure you get as much beach time as possible is to set up a tent and start a commune on the sand. Wait, no. Don't do that. Gross.

But what you can do is hunt down any number of killer jobs going that revolve around water. Be a deckhand on a yacht in the Whitsundays, work at a surf school (you don't have to be an instructor - you can work admin or even in the kitchen!), or spend a few months on an oyster farm. You'll get to spend half your day in stunning waters watching dolphins and seals swim past.

Worst case scenario, get a job waiting tables at a restaurant near the sea and use your lunch break to go for a swim or surf. You'll be in good company.

Let the backpack guide you

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