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The best sauna spots in Australia

Things are about to take a steamy turn

Whether its via liver or sweat, the truth will always come out. So you may as well speed up the process.

Open those pore doors. Saunas and steam rooms are the best way to achieve maximum sweat for minimum movement. Legit, all you have to do is sit there and marinate in your own funny flashbacks from the night before.

We’ve sussed some of the best sauna options around the country, where you can get a cheap steam sesh without having to fork out on a fancy spa retreat.

Plus, it’s a great place to have a chat. Just watch your mouth, because everything you say will sound that little bit creepier if you’re not wearing any clothes.

Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre, Sydney  

There’s so much going on here, you won’t even know where to start. Except that you will, because, sauna. Once the steam has replenished your powers, you can fully come back on another day and do some swimming or join a bootcamp or sit in on a nutrition seminar. You name it.

$12 (adult), $8.50 (concession)

Icebergs, Bondi, Sydney

This is obviously the best bang for buck, because of the location perks. You can dip in the ocean or the famous swimming pool before you even hit the sauna.

$6.50 (adult)

Fitzroy Pool, Melbourne

This pool is the classic inner-city beach alternative. Elbow the hipsters out of the way and claim yourself a prime position in the sauna. Who knows, if it helps enough, you might even be able to stomach an ice cream afterwards.

$12.80 (adults), $7.00 (concession)

Port Huon Sports & Aquatic Centre, Huon Valley, Tasmania

Just 30 minutes south-west from Hobart, Huon Valley is covered in stunning forestry and watering holes. But we’re not here for this. Head to the Aquatic Centre and check yourself in for some steamin’.

$7.00 (adults)


Beatty Park, Perth

Here you get the best of both worlds. Multiple outdoor pools as well as a huge indoor swimming pool. The catch? This means a LOT of small children. Whatever you do, keep your sunglasses on, move very quickly to the steam room and try to block out the shrill, echoing sounds. We can confirm that if the sauna lets you down, there are hot chips available at the kiosk.

$11.50 (adult), $10.50 (student)

Adelaide Aquatic Centre

These guys have a sauna, European-style steam room and a 14-person spa. That’s an entire day gone, right there.

$8.30 (adult), $6.60 (student)

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