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Why Australia, answered

The answers to Danny McBride's questions on why Australia is the destination to visit now.

By Amy Bryant

Danny McBride asked his Crocodile Dundee co-stars, 'Why Australia?' From how to pass a footy, to what a flat white coffee is, here are all the in depth answers to his questions. 

Are there any nice beaches around here?

The beaches across Australia are some of the best in the world. Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is dotted with surfing beaches and dramatic coastlines, while the east coast is home to Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach, the laid back town of Byron Bay, the Gold Coast and tranquil destinations like Jervis Bay. Over in Western Australia is the beautiful Margaret River region, Broome's famous Cable Beach and the spectacular Ningaloo Reef. In Queensland the beaches are a tropical oasis, from the paradisal destinations of Noosa and the Whitsundays, to the resort strip of the Sunshine Coast and Port Douglas.

What’s your favourite not boring museum?   

From the diverse arts and music scene to ancient indigenous culture, Australia offers immersive and fascinating cultural experiences. Aboriginal cultural experiences can be found in urban settings like Sydney or Canberra, or while on an outback adventure where you can learn about the traditions and unique stories of the Aboriginal people. There are a range of cultural events and festivals that take place all year round, such as Vivid, the world’s largest light show, the Field of Light installation in Uluru, and Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival. Discover world-class museums and galleries across the country. Take the cultural trail in Sydney, starting in the heritage area of The Rocks with a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art, then through to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, before finishing with the Australian Museum. In Melbourne, there’s the immersive film and digital exhibitions to be discovered in the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. While in Canberra, there are historical and political attractions like the Museum of Australian Democracy and Parliament House, and the fun and interactive science museum, Questicon. There is a huge range of more (non-boring) museums and galleries to check out on our cultural page.

What exactly is a flat white?

Australians love their coffee, and there is a rich coffee culture, particularly in Melbourne – affectionately known as the coffee capital. Baristas and bean roasters are passionate about the quality of flavours and aromas of their coffee, so whether you’re ordering a short black or flat white, expect great tasting coffee! So, what exactly is a flat white? It’s a type of coffee drink made of steamed milk and espresso. The amount of foam is what makes it distinct from a latte. A flat white will have less foam than a latte, and much less than a frothy cappuccino, hence the use of ‘flat’ in its name – the crema is very thin and flat. When you come and explore the amazing coffee culture across Australia, you know what you’ll be trying!

How do you pass an AFL football?

What Australians call ‘footy’ is very different to what you may call football. The Australian Football League is the biggest professional competition, originating in Victoria during the late eighteenth century. Australian rules football, or simply ‘footy’, is the nation’s popular contact sport, that involves an eighteen aside game where players kick and pass round an oval-shaped ball on an oval shaped field. Teams score points by getting the ball through the goal posts. What makes footy distinct from other football games is that players cannot run holding the ball, but must bounce the ball on the ground or pass it to other players using the ‘handpass’. The handpass, or handball, is performed by holding the ball in one hand, and punching it with the clenched fist of the other. Catch an AFL match in any major city, or head to the sport’s heartland of Melbourne in September for the AFL Grand Final. This huge event is always a fun and vibrant weekend of football, festivals and lively atmosphere throughout the city.

Where can I get a selfie with a quokka?

Quokkas are Australia’s cutest little fury marsupials. About the size of a domestic cat, quokkas have become known worldwide for their adorable grin as visitors to the island began posting selfies with them. They are native to Western Australia, and while there are some on the mainland, the largest population of quokkas can be found on Rottnest Island, about an hour ferry ride from Perth. The quokkas are a protected species, so while it is not permitted to touch or feed them, it is easy to get up close and snap a selfie with one while on a guided walk.

How do I get Chris Hemsworth’s abs?

Would you like to have abs like Chris Hemsworth? Then put on your walking boots and get ready to hike some of Australia’s greatest walking tracks, or slip into a wetsuit and hit the waves at the best surfing beaches along the coast. There are some spectacular trails that traverse coastal, rainforest and red desert landscapes. Try bushwalks in the Moreton Bay Region, trails through Wilsons Promontory, or the incredible Seven Peaks Walk on Lorde Howe Island. Check out the collection of premium guided multi-day walking experiences, or DIY on one of Australia’s best coastal walks. Ready to ride some barrels and feel the burn? Abs take work, and surfing is one of the best workouts around. There are plenty of fantastic surfing beaches across the country, including Queensland’s Snapper Rocks and Western Australia’s Margaret River region.

How do you wrangle a crocodile?

Australia’s wildlife is incredibly unique and diverse and there are many places you can spot native animals in their natural habitat. Find kangaroos on the beach in Lucky Bay, koalas sleeping in trees along the Great Ocean Road and crocodiles gliding through the water on a Kakadu cruise. While you should never approach a wild animal except under the supervision of a trained guide or park ranger, you can have a personal encounter by visiting one of the country’s incredible zoos or wildlife parks. Hand-feed kangaroos and wallabies or snuggle koalas and wombats. There are also various underwater wildlife experiences you can find, such as swimming with humpback and dwarf minke whales, turtles or sea lions.

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