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Six Foot Track

The Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains, New South Wales

From Old Ford Reserve, continue across the rolling green hills of Megalong Valley, taking in the historic Megalong Cemetery, with its old headstones hidden among the trees. Walk on past stands of scribbly gum. The strange markings on the trunks are caused by insect larvae feeding under the bark. The track winds along the steep-sided sandy banks of Coxs River which is a great place to refresh yourself on a warm day. Afterwards, you can picnic in the shade of river oak and forest red gums, listening to the warble of bellbirds, cockatoos and lyrebirds. To cross Coxs River many walkers choose to take Bowtells Swing Bridge. Built by army engineers in 1992, it can be crossed by only one person at a time. If the bridge is too daunting, there is a river crossing. On the other side, you can rest in Coxs River campsite or Six Foot Track Lodge, two cabins with bunk-style accommodation.

Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains, New South Wales

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