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A weekend getaway to Hobart

Take a weekend trip to Hobart and enjoy what this beautiful city has to offer.

By Connie Cheng

Hobart is the second oldest capital city in Australia, just after Sydney. The city has a rich history and is gifted with spectacular scenery. It’s also jam-packed with amazing cafés, restaurants, and markets that you can explore all weekend. Here’s a list of places I highly recommend for your getaway to Hobart.

Machine Laundry Café

Machine Laundry Café, Battery Point, Tasmania

Start off the day with a cup of coffee at Machine Laundry Cafe. Like its name suggests, Machine Laundry Cafe is both a cafe and a laundromat. Besides coffee, you can also order a Fat Boy, which is grilled chicken, bacon, tomato and lettuce wrapped in a roti and drenched with spicy peanut sauce. The dish is rich and hearty, giving you the energy you need for the next adventure.

Mount Field National Park

Mount Field National Park, National Park, Tasmania

After breakfast, you can go on a one hour’s drive to Mount Field to experience Tasmania’s nature at its best. Mount Field National Park has an amazing diversity of vegetation, ranging from different gum and fern species surrounding the base of the mountain to the alpine and subalpine species high up the mountain. The wildlife is also very rich and unique, including native species such as Tasmanian devils and echidnas.


Smolt, Hobart, Tasmania

Smolt features an open, Scandinavian interior and serves up brunch, lunch, and dinner with an amazing wine selection. The restaurant features a seasonal menu, offering modern Australian dishes inspired by Spanish and Italian flavours. Smolt is also known for its fresh seafood sourced locally.

Farm Gate Market

Farm Gate Market, Hobart, Tasmania

Located in the heart of Hobart, Farm Gate Market offers fresh produce and delicious street food every Sunday. I highly recommend a visit to Master Masaaki’s sushi stall, where fresh sushi is constantly made to satisfy a long queue of hungry customers.

Battery Point

Battery Point, Tasmania

Visit Battery Point, one of the oldest districts in Hobart, to experience the traditional side of this city. Not too far from the bustling central business district, Battery Point is a quaint suburb with beautiful mansions and cottages. Go for a stroll along the quiet laneways or stop by a cafe for a delicious cup of coffee. Battery Point is also home to the Military Museum and Narrayna Heritage Museum, where you can discover more about the history of Tasmania.

Pollen Tea Room

Pollen Tea Room, Battery Point, Tasmania

Battery Point is quite a large area to explore, so if you ever need a break, stop by Pollen Tea Room for a cup of tea. Pollen Tea Room is a tiny cafe specialising in artisanal tea and brunch dishes. The place has fast, friendly service and a great, cosy atmosphere.

Pilgrim Coffee

Pilgrim Coffee, Hobart, Tasmania

Pilgrim Coffee is another cafe you can go to for a delicious brunch and tasty coffee. Try their perfectly cooked 63-degree eggs, if you like a runny yolk. The eggs are poached slowly at 63 degrees to ensure an amazing consistency and taste.

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington, Wellington Park, Tasmania

Did you know that a major part of Hobart City is built upon the foothills of Mt Wellington? A climb to the summit of this mountain will reward you with breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Other than that, you can explore Hobart’s spectacular nature and wildlife with scenic walks and hikes in Mt Wellington National Park.

This article originally appeared on Townske