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Bennelong Restaurant opens at the Sydney Opera House

Showcasing flavour, diversity and the sheer quality of Australian produce and wines, Bennelong at Sydney Opera House is now open to the public.

Located at the iconic Sydney Opera House, Bennelong restaurant offers a unique dining experience, with spectacular views and delicious food by Australian Executive Chef Peter Gilmore. Gilmore, who is also Executive Chef of Quay, named in the prestigious S. Pellegrino World’s 100 Best Restaurant list, is known for his beautifully presented, delicious dishes that focus on quality produce sourced locally.

This new arrival to the Australian dining scene has been highly anticipated by foodies and travellers alike who are keen to discover Gilmore’s unique take on this dramatic space in the Sydney Opera House.

Bennelong restaurant, Sydney Opera House Time lapse of the creation of Bennelong Restaurant at Sydney Opera House.

Bennelong Restaurant at Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales

The Sydney Opera House is synonymous with modern Australia. We are celebrating the beauty of this iconic space, with its extraordinary architecture, by presenting the very best in Australian cuisine. There are many different ways to experience Bennelong, but the focus throughout is on the diversity and incredible quality of produce sourced from all around the country. We are looking forward to taking our diners on an unforgettable culinary journey at the Sydney Opera House. Peter Gilmore, Executive Chef

Dining at Bennelong Restaurant

Bennelong Restaurant at Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales

Bennelong restaurant, Sydney Opera House’s premier culinary destination, has a three level layout. Choose between the lower restaurant level, with its unique take on Australian cuisine, or for a more casual dining experience select from the Cured & Cultured menu on the central and upper tiers. For a truly exclusive experience, book a seat at ‘The Kitchen’, a special space from the main dining area, where you can enjoy a backstage look at the restaurant chefs at work while enjoying amazing views across Sydney Harbour.  

Delicious dishes to try…

You’ve booked a table, now here is what Peter Gilmore and Head Sommelier, Russ Mills, suggest you try…

John Dory, Bennelong Restaurant at Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales

John Dory roasted and served on the bone, orach, turnips, kalian, umami butter
John Dory is from the South Coast of New South Wales. We have roasted the fish on the bone to retain its moisture and tenderness and serve it on the bone so people can experience the fish at its best. The fish is covered in a special umami butter consisting of fermented shiitake mushroom powder, roasted konbu (seaweed), roasted powdered sesame seeds, reduced fish sauce salt and lemon rind. We serve the John Dory with golden orach (mountain spinach), white kabu turnips and kalian (Chinese broccoli) blossoms.
Wine match: Moorilla Chardonnay, Muse Series Chardonnay 2013, Tasmania

Pavlova, Bennelong Restaurant at Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales

Every restaurant needs a signature dessert and I feel this may be Bennelong’s. This is my interpretation of the classic Australian Pavlova. Poached meringue is filled with a seasonal fruit. To start with, we will be using rhubarb and raspberries but this will change with the seasons. The poached meringue is then inverted on to the plate with the fruit inside. The meringue is topped with piped whipped double cream and Italian meringue in an alternate pattern, representing the gloss and matte style of the tiles on the Sydney Opera House. The Pavlova is then completed with crisp meringue sails in a symbolic abstract form.
Wine match: Pressing matters, R139, Riesling, Coal River Valley, Tasmania 2009

Create your own culinary trip to Australia and discover why dining out in this country is different from anywhere else in the world.