The Thorsborne Trail
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The Thorsborne Trail

Hinchinbrook Island: Ramsay Bay - Little Ramsay Bay - Zoe Bay - Sunken Reef Bay / Mulligan Falls - George Point

Trek the 32km Thorsborne Trail along the eastern coast of Hinchinbrook Island - an untouched tropical paradise on the coast between Townsville and Cairns. Over four days you'll traverse cloud-cloaked mountains, jungle-like rainforest, melaleuca swamps and pristine white beaches. See a panorama of wildlife, from bright butterflies and birds to crocodiles, sea turtles, dugongs and dolphins. This is a true wilderness walk for the experienced walker - the path isn't graded or hardened so can be difficult to traverse in places.  Walk in either direction, camp in any of the seven designated sites and remember to ‘leave no trace'. Only 40 people can walk the trail at any one time, so book your permit well in advance. Planning and following safety guidelines is vital. The best time to walk is during the cooler months from April to September.  You can reach the island on a ferry or water taxi from Cardwell or Lucinda.

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