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The best Halal restaurants in and around Hobart

Authentic halal dining options may be few and far between in Tasmania, but restaurants are increasingly offering halal choices upon request.

With the smallest Muslim population in Australia, the demand for halal food in Tasmania is not as great as in other areas of Australia and that is reflected in the options on offer. With The Saffron Waterfront Indian Restaurant able to serve halal meals upon request, it’s clear that halal certified dining is gaining traction in the apple isle, where Battery Point restaurant Kathmandu Cuisine stands alone as an authentically halal experience. It is popular with locals and visitors alike for the impassioned Nepalese experience they provide, and is well worth a visit on your next trip to Tassie. 


The Saffron Waterfront Indian Restaurant

Situated in the historic and picturesque wharf area of Hobart, The Saffron has long been a favourite haunt for locals, and for good reason: the chefs have extensive experience in preparing traditional Indian cuisine, with many having worked at five star hotels throughout India.

The cuisine is authentic North Indian and Kashmiri, although the chefs are happy to accommodate requests for special dishes outside of the regular menu, and all meat dishes are prepared using halal meat. Select seafood and vegetables are also chosen for freshness and flavour, and meals are always cooked fresh every day, ensuring a tasty experience for all diners.



Kathmandu, Hobart, Tasmania

Kathmandu Cuisine

In the same suburb where the legendary film star Errol Flynn was born, a bold newcomer has arrived: the Nepalese restaurant, Kathmandu Cuisine. Momos, the traditional meat or vegetable-filled dumplings, are naturally on the menu, as is the Nepali eggplant and potato dish, bhanta aloo.

With a chef who understands the subtle differences that distinguish Nepalese cuisine from Indian, customers can expect an authentic and unique dining experience. And with the pristine Southern Ocean waters just nearby, the scallop curry with vegetables is a perfect mix of the local and the international.