Kangaroo in grassland on Kangaroo Island © South Australian Tourism Commission

Middle River, Kangaroo Island, South Australia © South Australian Tourism Commission

Where to spot kangaroos in the wild

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Fun fact

There are about 50 species of kangaroo in the world. The four main ones Down Under are the eastern grey, red, western grey and antilopine (antelope-like) kangaroo.

Fun fact

The biggest kangaroo, the red, can rise up to 2m (6.5ft) tall and bound at 56km (34mi) per hour.

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Kangaroos in Mungo National Park © Destination NSW

Wilpena Pound Resort, Flinders Ranges, South Australia © Tourism Australia

A tree kangaroo in a tree in the Atherton Tablelands © FNQ Nature Tours

Tree Kangaroo, FNQ Nature Tours, Atherton Tablelands, Queensland © FNQ Nature Tours

Kangaroo in between the vineyard rows in the Barossa Valley © South Australian Tourism Commission

Barossa Valley, South Australia © South Australian Tourism Commission

Kangaroos on the green at Noosa Golf Club in Tewantin © Noosa Golf Club

Noosa Golf Club, Tewantin, Queensland © Noosa Golf Club

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Top tip

Keep your distance from wild kangaroos and never feed them. Learn more about experiencing Aussie wildlife responsibly.

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