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Monkey Mia

Day trip to Shell Beach

Pack a lunch and drive about 50 minutes south of Monkey Mia to see one of only two beaches on Earth where shells replace sand. Shell Beach is a picturesque and stunning natural wonder formed from billions of tiny shells. The beach stretches for over 100 kilometres (62 miles) and is a popular place to swim and explore. Spend the afternoon collecting shells, soaking up the sun and floating in the hyper-saline, crystal clear water.

Discover Denham

Located halfway between Monkey Mia and Shell Beach, Denham offers history, adventure and the perfect starting point to explore the Shark Bay region. Visit Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre to learn about the region's cultural and ecological diversity. Head out for a stroll along the Shark Bay World Heritage drive, which has interpretive signage that explains how this area meets all four of the criteria for its heritage listing. Or simply walk the streets to search for buildings made from the shells of Shell Beach (St Andrews Anglican Church and the Old Pearler Restaurant are perfect examples).

Feed the local bottlenose dolphins

At Monkey Mia dolphins visit the beach to interact with visitors as they have done for more than forty years. You can stand knee-deep on the water's edge and help to feed them under the supervision of park rangers. As the bottlenose dolphins are wild, numbers and the exact time of their visit varies. However they usually visit the shore up to three times a day and more frequently in the mornings. While feeding is allowed with supervision, visitors are not able to swim with the dolphins. Stay close by at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort. If you want to spend more time with the dolphins, you can volunteer to work with them by emailing

Visit Western Australia's largest island

Just west of Monkey Mia is Dirk Hartog Island, a peaceful island retreat that is great for relaxing on white sandy beaches, scuba diving and snorkelling or fishing. Join a wildlife cruise and see an array of marine life including dolphins, dugongs, whales and turtles around the island. Take a walk along the 91 metre (300 feet) high cliff face on the island's west coast or 4WD over stunning beaches and massive sand dunes. Stay overnight in the historic Homestead, originally used a shearer's quarters.

Be inspired by an Indigenous experience

Australia's Coral Coast is rich in Indigenous art and culture. From didgeridoo dream tours to learning to catch and cook your own meal on a camping safari, there are plenty of opportunities to connect to this incredible landscape with the guidance of Wula Gura Nyinda Eco Adventures. Let their guides teach you about the ancient cultural ties of the region's first people - the Nhanda and Malgana Aboriginal People.

Take the wildflower trails

The wildflower trails of Australia's Coral Coast lead you through some of the Western Australia's most breathtaking wildflower country. Blooms can be found all year round, but displays are at their best between July and November when inland areas are blanketed in the brilliant colours of thousands of varieties.

See the world's oldest living fossils

The Hamelin Pool Stromatolites are the oldest and largest living fossils on Earth. Less than a 30 minute drive from Monkey Mia, these rare Stromatolites are located in the shallow waters of Hamelin Pool. Walk along the specially constructed walkway to get a clear look at them as you read the educational displays that explain their role in the evolution of the plant. Scientists have likened it to discovering a living dinosaur.

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