Great Barrier Reef , Queensland

Australia's best diving spots

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland © Tourism and Events Queensland/Lorenzo Ballarin

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland © Tourism and Events Queensland/Lorenzo Ballarin

Fish at SS Yongala Wreck © Tourism and Events Queensland

SS Yongala Wreck, Townsville, Queensland © Tourism and Events Queensland

Scuba diving with a manta ray at the Ningaloo Reef © Tourism Western Australia

Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia © Tourism Western Australia

Did you know?

Over 50 per cent of the Indian Ocean's entire coral life is found on the Ningaloo Reef. Dive in to discover more than 250 different species of coral.

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Scuba Diving at Christmas Island © Gary Bell/

Christmas Island © Gary Bell/

Shark diving, Neptune Islands, SA  © Calypso Star Charters

Neptune Islands, South Australia © Calypso Star Charters

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Blue groper, Shelly Beach, Manly, New South Wales © Destination NSW

Shelly Beach, Manly, New South Wales © Destination NSW

Scuba Diving on Lord Howe Island © Mark Fitzpatrick; Destination NSW

Lord Howe Island, New South Wales © Mark Fitzpatrick/Destination NSW

Portsea Pier, Mornington Peninsula, VIC © Mornington Peninsula

Portsea Pier, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria © Mornington Peninsula

Travel tip

Blairgowrie Pier in Port Phillip Bay is a favourite site for underwater photographers. It's often described as the world's best temperate muck diving site.

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Tasman Peninsula, TAS © Tourism Tasmania

Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania © Tourism Tasmania