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5 Best Excuses to Suit-Up in Sydney

Life is more awesome in a suit, so we decided to list 5 of our best excuses to suit-up in Sydney. 

 By BridgeClimb Sydney

Everyone loves that special occasion to dress up, from fancy-schmancy cocktail outfits to adventure suits to your birthday suit! It’s all fun and games when you’re the best dressed (or undressed) in the room. So get into the action with our list of the 5 best excuses to suit up in Sydney.

Surf’s up! Grab your wetsuit

Once you’ve had enough of relaxing on the sand, try being one with the ocean and catching an epic wave to ride on home.

There are some seriously great surf schools in Sydney that specialise in turning newbies into pros.

Let’s Go Surfing, located in North Bondi and Maroubra Beach, offer packages, six-week courses and private lessons for all experience levels.

On the Shores of Manly Beach, Palm Beach and Collaroy Beach, Manly Surf School offers one-on-one private lessons and groups lessons.

If you want to channel your inner Beyonce and run the world, try the “Girl Power” classes at Freshwater Beach Surf Skool.

Do you walk like a giraffe on roller skates? Guess what! Doesn’t matter. These guys can take the clumsiest of peeps and get them up on a board. So zip up that seal suit and start shredding waves.

BridgeSuit fit for an epic view

BridgeClimb is famous for offering one of the best views of Sydney. This is bucket-list stuff we’re talking here. And you get to take it all in while wearing the famous grey onesie.

It is officially known as the BridgeSuit and it’s so hot right now. It’s the look that people travel from all over the world to be seen in. K, maybe it’s not all about wearing the suit, but it has touched the bods of Heidi Klum, Gigi Hadid, and 3.5 million others. Does that weird you out? They’re totally clean, we promise.

You’ll wear this beauty all the way to the top of the bridge for incredible 360 degree panorama views of Sydney’s most iconic landscape. Sometimes, there’s even a rainbow in the sky. A rainbow, people. If you cry, you’ll be forgiven, but try to hold it together or it just gets awkward for everyone else. Go at sunrise, midday, sunset, night – whatever floats your boat. The suit looks great in any light and it’s probs the most comfy onesie you’ve ever worn. And it’s only at BridgeClimb Sydney. 

A classy day at the races

When you need to show your parents that Australia is not all board shorts and bikinis, a day at the races is the perfect way to prove to them you’ve still got class.

Sydney’s spring racing period runs for 10 weeks (September to November) and the horses aren’t the only ones prancing around on the grass. Aussies take their racing fashion pretty seriously, so guys should get decked out in their garden party best, while ladies should make sure their outfit is complete with a hat or fascinator (funky headpiece).

Go for the sport (horses AND people watching), stay for the party. General admission tickets for certain events is less than AUD$20 and you can bring your own food and settle in for a picnic on the grass.

Just Missing a set of wings

Look, what can we say? Wearing onesies and getting high are all the rage in Australia. Once you’ve conquered your fears with a climb up the harbour bridge, it’s time to get really high with a skydiving adventure that features some of the area’s most stunning coastlines.

Just a two hour drive south of Sydney is the chill beach town of Wollongong where Skydive Sydney-Wollongong will take you up into the skies before kicking you out of the plane. But don’t freak out! You’ll be attached to a pro. After you get over the shock of realising you are plummeting to the earth at an unreasonable speed, make sure you stop and enjoy the view. 

Everyone’s favourite…the birthday suit

Sydney is home to tons of white sandy beaches. From tranquil bays and coves in Sydney Harbour, to some of the world’s best surf beaches, this place has something for every beach bunny. Unfortunately we still live in a world where sporting your birthday suit is not exactly legal to do just anywhere.

But we’ve got your back (and your bum) with these playgrounds for the frisky, fun-loving flasher. So c’moooon! Don’t be shy! Get your kit off, pack your beach bag and head down for a tan-line free day at one of Sydney’s best nude beaches.

Tucked into the harbour just north of Watsons Bay is Lady Bay beach, South Head. Labelled as Australia’s first legal naturist beach, it’s a short 1 kilometre (1.6 mile) walk from Watsons Bay Wharf before you can enjoy a clothing-free day.

Located 700 metres east of Balmoral is Cobblers Beach, Middle Head, a tranquil strip of sand. Best reached by car (and a short walk after you strip down) this spot is a local’s fave. Another opportunity on the southern side of Middle Head is Obelisk Beach which offers panoramic views of Watsons Bay (and everyone’s backside).

If you love a bit of sand in your crack (who doesn’t?) Sydney has heaps of options to tan your buns to a delightful shade of brown. 

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