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Five music festivals that have awesome campgrounds

These 5 festivals will have you just as smitten with the campsite as you are with the tunes.

Summer is the season of mangoes, sticky sunscreened skin, sweating beer bottles and, most importantly, music festivals. Finally, you can catch a bunch of your favourite artists in one hit, while camping with all your best friends on beds fashioned from cask wine. Sign us up.

On a scale from one to died-and-gone-to-heaven, there are some festivals that deserve an extra high rating. Get a load of these multi-sensory events that, come time to leave, will make you cling to the Rent-A-Fence the way a child clings to its mother’s leg. Shout out to JUCY for helping us find these incredible spots.

Falls Festival

Good news: you have four chances to make it to Falls because it happens over four different locations around Australia. These events always go down somewhere between the last weekend of December to the first weekend of January. Some of the headliners of the 2017 line up included Flume, Fleet Foxes, and The Kooks, so… shame if you missed that. But at least you know the calibre of talent you’re in for. It’s free to camp here, but you do need to bring all of your own supplies if you’re in the general camping area. So, it’s time to practise your car Tetris.

HOT TIP: if you arrive by convoy with your mates, you can camp next to one another like a slumber party for grown-ups.

Lost Paradise

This festival is just far enough away from the city to feel like a getaway – 1 hour and 45 minutes north of Sydney, to be exact. If you’re ever stumped as to how to spend your New Year’s Eve, this is your answer.

The three or four-day General Admission ticket is the best bang for your buck: you get access to the general camping area, a camping spot to pitch your tent and entry to the main festival area. If you really want to splash out with that birthday money, they also have some glamping rental options available that include perks like showers (cue choir) and toilet access, cantina bar service, shaded hang out areas and more.

Beyond The Valley

For anyone based in Victoria, Beyond The Valley Music Festival is your holy grail. Located in Lardner Park, this hillside heaven is just a quick 1 hour 20 minute drive from the hub of Melbourne central and held around the end of December to early January every year. To give you an idea of the level we’re talking about, the 2017 lineup featured artists like Matt Corby, Schoolboy Q, Little Dragon, Mura Masa and many more. It won’t cost you extra for general camping options and there are shower and toilet blocks all around the site, but if you want luxury, then it’ll cost you. However, this includes electrical power sources to fuel your Instagram stories, so it’s a small price to pay.

Meredith Music Festival

If you know anyone who’s been to Meredith before, then chances are you already know what it is. People who go tend to NEVER shut up about it for the rest of their lives. Think open, rolling greens and an orange bulb of sun over private farmland near the town of Meredith, Victoria. Pretty much everyone camps, so you can either bring a tent, sleep in your car or park a caravan wherever you please. Make sure you pack warm clothes as well and your closest buddies, because while this festival happens in early December during the warm months, it can still get chilly out there at night.

Splendour In The Grass

This Byron Bay festival kicked off in July of 2017 and featured a powerhouse platter of artists like LCD Soundsystem, The XX, Royal Blood, and Queens of the Stone Age. Don’t worry about being time-poor because you’ve got three whole days at this bad boy, and it isn’t just music – you’ll also find local arts and crafts and cuisine. The Byron Bay Camping Co. can hook you up with all the suitable gear for your “Splendour Adventure”, and it’s just a breezy walking distance away from the festival grounds themselves. Splendour even have a chill factor with bean bags, and there’s a kitchen gazebo there to whip up some quick eats in between sets. A massive FYI: if you want to camp next to your friends, everyone must arrive at the same time and it’s up to you to arrange the appropriate camping or vehicle ticket based on your sitch.

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