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Mirima The Heart of Kununurra

Looking at Plants loop walk

Dwarfed by the towering red sandstone escarpment, Mirima is rich in flora and fauna – it is clear to see why this place has been a favoured home for the past 20,000 years to the local Miriwoong people. The abundance of this landscape is only accentuated further as you walk along the wheelchair accessible Looking at Plants loop trail, where you'll learn about various Miriwoong plant uses. From boab nuts used as flour, the bark and leaves of the emu apple used as fish poison (it stuns the fish making them easier to catch), to the bloodwood sap used as medicinal body wash, this oasis is rich in everything needed to survive. The 400 metre (quarter mile) stroll is easy and informative, making it great for visitors of all ages and fitness levels.  

A picnic with views on an ancient landscape

If you're up for a rewarding challenge, head up the Demboong Banan or Derdbe-gerring Banban Trail. The short climbs will reward with incredible views of the ancient landscape, stretching across the Ord River Valley. Consider taking a picnic lunch with you - Mirima provides plenty of picnic spaces with shade. The Wild Mango Café or the Cornerside Café in Kununurra provide a range of delicious dine in or takeaway treats. During the wet season (December – March) Mirima changes again with an abundant floral display and flowing cascades after rainfall fills the waterholes below. At this time of year you can truly witness how the power of the elements has shaped this ancient landscape.

Join a Waringarri Aboriginal arts tour

While you can enjoy a self-guided visit of Mirima National Park, consider joining a tour group to gain a deeper connection to the spirituality and history of this ancient place. Indigenous tour companies like Waringarri Aboriginal Arts take guests through the park while showcasing the culture and history of the original owners of the land. On the two-hour tour you’ll hear traditional songs and learn about bush tucker, art and cultural stories. When you've built up an appetite, head to the tranquil surroundings of the Kununurra Country Club, the executive Kimberley Grande, or the Freshwater Apartments. There are also a range of caravan and cabin parks for those preferring to self-cater.

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