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Discover Queensland's Vibrant Nightlife

Sleep on the Great Barrier Reef

There’s camping in the mountains and then there’s camping in the middle of the ocean on the Great Barrier Reef. While a lot of people have done the former, there are only few who can boast of experiencing the latter. Sunlover by Starlight takes small groups of visitors from Cairns to its Reef World platform for a full day of snorkelling, diving, boat and helicopter rides. When the day trippers and other tours head back to shore at 3 pm, Reef Sleepers get to stay on for more swimming, dinner and a possible night dive. 

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Enjoy a night-time Aboriginal experience

Discover the magic of Australia’s ancient Aboriginal culture near Cairns at Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. Witness spectacular theatrical performances which will take you on a fascinating journey deep into dreamtime legends. By day, learn to play the didgeridoo, throw a traditional boomerang or spear, and gain an insight into how bush foods were used to create medicinal remedies. Tjapukai By Night is a traditional evening of entertainment with tastes of the Far North and an award-winning show. Participate in a traditional fire making ceremony and witness as the world’s oldest living culture is brought to life through a series of awe-inspiring performances.

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Head to the weekend night markets

Brisbane’s year-round outdoor climate and abundance of fresh produce has led to an emergence of night food markets all over the state. Some of the most popular ones are The Eat Street Weekend Market in Brisbane and the Miami Marketta on the Gold Coast. These markets transport your taste buds to different parts of the world and serve up everything that you could possibly dream of; from American-style burgers to Vietnamese bao buns and from authentic Turkish Pita to some finger-licking Indian food. What’s more? The night markets also add on a dash of fun with live music, fire twirlers, fortune tellers and more! Not to forget, they boast of some very Instagrammable spots!

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Dance the night away at the rooftop bars

Glam up your nights out by visiting Queensland’s stunning rooftop bars. Sporting the perfect combination of amazing views, beautiful decor and delicious cocktails, these rooftop bars are the place to be. Whether your perfect night out involves sipping exotic cocktails, listening to live music or dancing the night away, Brisbane and the Gold Coast have rooftop bars for all tastes. The favourites include The Terrace at Emporium Hotel, and Eleven Rooftop Bar in Brisbane and Nineteen at the Star and the Collective in Gold Coast.

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