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Tasmanian Whisky Week

Go on tour

Each day, a bespoke tour of Tasmania’s whisky distilleries takes place. From the north to the south, there are over 20 on the island, each with their own special story. The tours offer an exclusive chance to explore distilleries, many of which don’t usually open their doors to the public. Enjoy everything from behind-the-scenes tours to meeting the distillers in person, access to unreleased whiskies, and unique dining opportunities where distilleries (both old and new) will recount the successes, challenges and events that have shaped who they are today.

Discover whisky heritage

Bill Lark is considered by many as the godfather of Tasmanian whisky, seeing as he was the one who convinced parliament to repeal the ban on distilling liquor. Lark Distillery subsequently opened in 1992 using barley borrowed from the Cascade Brewery, which Lark credits for giving Tasmanian whisky its distinctive terroir. As part of this special week of whisky appreciation, guests will have the chance to try six whiskies pulled from the Lark vault to see how its whisky has evolved from conception to current day.

Place your bids

Take part in a special night of VIP access to some of the rarest whiskies in Tasmania. The best part? You can take them home with you...for the right price. The Rare Whisky Auction is an event highlight, held at Hadley’s Hotel. It is your chance to add some of the week’s whisky highlights (both local and international drops) to your personal collection. An event not to be missed for any discerning whisky collector.

Enjoy the gourmet delights

Sure, Tasmania does good whisky, but it also has quite the reputation for its super fresh produce and gourmet food scene. Pair your new auction spoils with a special meal in Hobart - try Franklin or The Source - or set off on a gastronomical tasting tour of the island with this 10-day itinerary that covers some of the island’s most delectable culinary treasures. The options are endless.

Tasmanian Whisky Week Highlights

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