Whale shark swimming underwater near Exmouth in Western Australia © Tourism Australia

Whale shark, Exmouth, Western Australia © Tourism Australia

8 wildlife events to catch in autumn

A whale shark in the waters of Ningaloo Marine Park © Exmouth Dive and Whalesharks Ningaloo

Whale Shark, Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia © Exmouth Dive and Whalesharks Ningaloo

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Fun fact

Whale sharks have about 3,000 teeth, but they are tiny (less than 2.5cm or an inch long). These teeth are purely vestigial, so they aren’t used for eating.

Manta rays underwater near Lady Elliot Island © James Vodicka

Manta Rays, Lady Elliot Island, Queensland © James Vodicka

Photographer takes photos of a saltwater crocodile on a river bank © FNQ Nature Tours

Saltwater Crocodile, FNQ Nature Tours, Daintree River, Queensland © FNQ Nature Tours

Did you know?

The sex of a crocodile depends on the temperature of the eggs while in the nest.

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Birdwatcher at the beach along the Great Ocean Road © Echidna Walkabout Tours/Visit Victoria

Echidna Walkabout Tours, Great Ocean Road, Victoria © Echidna Walkabout Tours/Visit Victoria

Quokkas on Rottnest Island © Tourism Australia

Quokkas, Rottnest Island, Western Australia © Tourism Australia

Birdlife at Fogg Dam wetlands near Darwin © Lords Kakadu & Arnhemland Safaris

Lords Kakadu & Arnhemland Safaris, Fogg Dam, Northern Territory © Lords Kakadu & Arnhemland Safaris

Sperm whale breaching off the coast of Augusta © Naturaliste Charters/Keith Lightbody

Sperm Whale, Naturaliste Charters, Augusta, Western Australia © Naturaliste Charters/Keith Lightbody

Tasmanian devils during an after dark feeding tour at Devils@Cradle © Stu Gibson/Tourism Tasmania

Tasmanian Devil, Devils@Cradle, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania © Stu Gibson/Tourism Tasmania