Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs, Kalbarri, WA © Australia’s Coral Coast

Perth to the Abrolhos Islands: an 8-day itinerary 

Perth to the Abrolhos Islands: an 8-day itinerary  

Geraldton Batavia Coast Marina, Geraldton, WA © Australia's Coral Coast

Geraldton Batavia Coast Marina, Geraldton, Western Australia © Australia's Coral Coast

When to go

Wildflower watchers travelling to Geraldton from August to September should follow the Brand Highway, stopping to experience the colourful bush floor at Badgingarra National Park.

Abrolhos Islands, Geraldton, WA © Tourism Australia

Abrolhos Islands, Geraldton, Western Australia © Tourism Australia 

Travel tip

Your itinerary in the Abrolhos Islands can change based on weather and conditions, so check with your chosen tour company prior to departure to find out where they think you will go based on their local knowledge.

Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Abrolhos Islands, WA © Tourism Western Australia

Houtman Abrolhos Islands, Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia © Tourism Western Australia

Local secret

According to locals, The Broadwater Mariner Resort – known as The Broady – does the best seafood in Western Australia, including garlic prawns from Shark Bay.

Pink Lake, Geraldton, WA © Tourism Australia

Pink Lake, Geraldton, Western Australia © Tourism Australia

When to go

More joy for native flower lovers can be found from July to November, when around 800 species of colourful blooms blanket the landscape around Kalbarri and within Kalbarri National Park.

Greenough Flats, WA © Tourism Western Australia

Greenough Flats, Western Australia © Tourism Western Australia

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