Little National Hotel, Canberra, ACT © Romello Pereira

Where to stay in Canberra

QT Canberra, Canberra, ACT © QT Hotels

QT Canberra, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory © QT Hotels

Hotel Kurrajong, Canberra, ACT © Hotel Kurrajong

Hotel Kurrajong, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory © Hotel Kurrajong

Little National Hotel, Canberra, ACT © Little National Hotel

Little National Hotel, Canberra,  Australian Capital Territory © Little National Hotel

East Hotel, Canberra, ACT © VisitCanberra

East Hotel, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory © VisitCanberra

Hyatt Hotel Canberra, Canberra, ACT © Hyatt Hotel Canberra

Hyatt Hotel Canberra, Canberra Australian Capital Territory © Hyatt Hotel Canberra

The Grand Stair, Ovolo Nishi, Canberra, ACT © VisitCanberra

The Grand Stair, Ovolo Nishi, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory © VisitCanberra

Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Canberra, ACT © Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Jamala Wildlife Lodge, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory © Jamala Wildlife Lodge