Dhipirri Barra and Sportfishing Lodge, NT © Shaana McNaught

Fish species in Australia

Australian fishing calendar

Australian fishing calendar. Download this calendar

Barramundi, Far North Sports Fishing, QLD © Shaana McNaught

Barramundi, Far North Sports Fishing, Queensland © Shaana McNaught

Watch as we explore the diverse habitat of the mighty barramundi.
Fishing Marlin, Port Douglas, QLD © Far North Sports Fishing

Giant black marlin, Far North Sports Fishing, Port Douglas, Queensland © Far North Sports Fishing

Watch the world's best black marlin fishery.
Striped marlin © Richard Herrmann, SeaPics.com

Striped marlin © Richard Herrmann, SeaPics.com

Spanish Mackerel, WA © Peter Morse

Mackerel, Western Australia © Peter Morse

Watch the aerial acrobatics that challenge an anglers skill when fishing for Spanish mackerel.
Swordfish © Jeff Rotman, SeaPics.com

Swordfish © Jeff Rotman, SeaPics.com

Longtail tuna, Fraser Island, QLD © Peter Morse

Longtail tuna, Fraser Island, Queensland © Peter Morse

Yellowtail Kingfish, Sydney Flyfishing Tours, Sydney, NSW © Sydney Flyfishing Tours

Yellowtail kingfish, Sydney Flyfishing Tours, Sydney, New South Wales © Sydney Flyfishing Tours

Giant trevally, QLD © Peter Morse

Giant trevally, Queensland © Peter Morse

Watch the incredible power of the world-famous giant trevally in Australia’s north.
Bonefish, Exmouth, WA © True Blue Bonefish

Bonefish, Ningaloo Fly Fishing, Exmouth, Western Australia © True Blue Bonefish

Discover the unique species that inhabit Australia’s shallow waters.
Snapper, SA © Great Fishing Australia

Snapper, South Australia © Great Fishing Australia

King George whiting, SA © Jamie Crawford

King George whiting, South Australia © Jamie Crawford

Brown trout, TAS © Riverfly 1864

Brown trout, Tasmania © Riverfly 1864

Watch Daniel Hackett from RiverFly1864 experience their local twigwaters and the Western Lakes located in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. © Todd Moen, Catch Magazine
Murray cod, NSW © Aussie Fly Fisher

Murray cod, Armidale, New South Wales © Aussie Fly Fisher

Watch Joshua Hutchins and the team from Aussie Fly Fisher target the mighty Murray cod on fly.