Two women laugh as they enjoy plates of food and cocktails at Pumphouse Bar and Restaurant in Sydney, New South Wales © Destination NSW

Pumphouse Bar and Restaurant, Sydney, New South Wales © Destination NSW

King Stingray © King Stingray

To see Uluru in real life is really something else. It gives you goosebumps thinking about how sacred and special this place is and has been for thousands of years.

King Stingray, Australian rock band

Eugene Tan © Eugene Tan

We’re spoilt for choice with some of the best food in the world, and our art and culture scene means you’re spoilt for choice for things to do and see.

Eugene Tan (Aquabumps), surf photographer

Lean Timms © Lean Timms

You don’t have to go far to find a fierce hospitality scene, some of Australia’s most prestigious galleries and museums, plenty of fun outdoor activities, and all surrounded by beautiful Australian nature.

Lean Timms, travel and lifestyle photographer

Chris Hemsworth © Chris Hemsworth

We stayed at a beautiful place called Berkeley River Lodge. Having dinner each night on a sand dune, barefoot in the desert sand was pretty cool.

Chris Hemsworth, Australian actor

Abbey Holmes © Abbey Holmes

The annual event calendar is brimming with sporting, cultural and food events that activate the city, creating an atmosphere that’s not to be missed.

Abbey Holmes, TV presenter and former AFLW player