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Best Aboriginal experiences in Tasmania

Experience the connection between Aboriginal people and the spectacular landscapes of the Tasmanian wilderness.

Saffire – Connection to Country Walk

Connection to the Country at Saffire Freycinet, Coles Bay, Tasmania

Saffire Freycinet is an intimate sanctuary on Tasmania’s East Coast. Discreetly positioned overlooking the Hazards Mountains, Freycinet Peninsula and the pristine waters of Great Oyster Bay, Saffire blends breath-taking beauty with a deep seated Aboriginal history. With a world of deserted islands, wild bushland and secluded beaches to explore there’s something for everyone to discover. Saffire offers a Connection to Country Walk, designed exclusively for guests to deepen their understanding of the country and further explore the richness of the East Coast. With Aboriginal guide Mick walk along the beach and discover the rich history of the Indigenous Oyster Bay people and sample local bush tucker, learn about tools and foraging and gain a greater understanding of time and your own connection to the country. Featuring 20 luxurious suites, exclusive day spa, guest lounge and bar and a restaurant showcasing local culinary delights this is a wonderful sanctuary to explore ancient landscapes and abundant wildlife.

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