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Chris Hemsworth's Wildlife Adventure on Kangaroo Island

Follow in Chris’s footsteps and journey across the island to explore the unparalleled beauty and its unique inhabitants.

By Amy Bryant

From natural attractions and foodie experiences to world-class accommodation and the incredible native wildlife, there is so much to discover on Kangaroo Island. With the abundance of animals that call this paradise home, it’s easy to see how it has earned the nickname of Australia’s ‘natural zoo’. Head to the coastlines to spot whales and dolphins in the water and sea lions on the beach. Stroll through the bush and wetlands where you can spot koalas snoozing in the trees and kangaroos jumping through the scrub. If you’re lucky, you may even spot the elusive platypus. This natural paradise truly is one of Australia’s most incredible wildlife destinations. 

Get up close with dolphins 

The waters surrounding Kangaroo Island are teeming with marine life and are a popular playground for pods of wild bottlenose dolphins. Join an adventure tour, and swim, snorkel or marvel from the boat at these playful creatures. Safaris depart from Emu Bay and Kingscote, where you will travel along the remote stretch of stunning coastlines in search of friendly dolphins who can appear in pods from a few to in the hundreds.

Bask beside the sea lions at Seal bay

Be sure to spend a day at Seal Bay Conservation Park, where you can encounter the island’s most laidback residents. It’s home to Australia’s third largest colony of sea lions. Learn about this species from experienced guides on a guided tour, where you’ll be taken down on to the beach for a close-up encounter. You can also take a self-guided stroll along the boardwalk to the lookout, where you can watch the sea lions and their pups bask and frolic along the bay. 

Cast a line and get fishy 

Kangaroo Island is an incredible fishing destination for chasing tuna and King George whiting. Chris joined a charter with Kangaroo Island Fishing Adventures, and got the full fishing experience, heading out at dawn to the southern seas and enjoying a day of casting and hooking with expert guidance. The waters are rich in species including pink snapper, tuna, queen snapper, Samson fish, yellowtail kingfish and the prized King George whiting. For more inspiration check out this three day fishing itinerary on Kangaroo island.

Encounter wild kangaroos

It wouldn’t be a visit to Kangaroo Island without spotting a few kangaroos and tammar wallabies. Kangaroo Island kangaroos are distinct to mainland species with their longer, darker fur. You can find wild ones hopping across the island’s scenic conservation parks. Some of the best spots for spotting kangaroos include Black Swamp in Flinders Chase National Park and Grassdale in Kelly Hill Conservation Park. For an authentic adventure experience, join a wilderness trail and get up close to the island’s kangaroos and other epic wildlife while exploring the beautiful bushland and coastal scenery alongside expert guides.

Cuddle a koala

Koalas are arguably Australia’s cutest native marsupials. They spend most of the day resting and eating high up in eucalyptus trees. If you fancy giving a koala a cuddle just like Chris, then the best way to encounter them is with a visit to Kangaroo wildlife Park near the centre of the Island. Another great way to spot koalas is by taking a guided or self-guided stroll down the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Koala walk located along the south-west coast. 

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