Curtis Stone and Paul “Yoda” Iskov, Gas Bay, WA © Insight Photography

Curtis Stone’s top foodie experiences

Curtis Stone ©  Ray Kachatorian

"Australians are very individual and want to do things our own way. Even in how we produce our food and drink."

Curtis Stone, Australian chef and TV personality

Whipped Emu Egg with Sugar Bag, Attica, Melbourne, VIC © Attica

Whipped Emu Egg with Sugar Bag, Attica, Melbourne, Victoria © Attica

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Ben Shewry, restaurateur and chef at Attica

“I have an innate interest in native ingredients. Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islander people have a direct connection to the land and the country, an incredible history that goes back thousands and thousands of years.”

Supernormal, Melbourne, VIC © Josie Withers Photography

Supernormal restaurant, Melbourne, Victoria

Curtis Stone

“There are lots of really beautiful places in Sydney and I think the food stands up and matches as well.”

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Curtis Stone, Cullen Wines, WA Ⓒ Insight Photography

Curtis Stone, Cullen Wines, Western Australia

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Fun fact

The craft beer scene is booming in Australia. In fact, a new craft brewery opens approximately every six days, so there’s always a new brew to try.

Curtis Stone, Margaret River, WA Ⓒ Insight Photography

Curtis Stone, Margaret River, Western Australia