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7 ways to secure your Aussie crew

7 ways to secure your Aussie crew

You can sit with us.

Just because we’re all grown up, doesn’t mean this gets easier. In fact, the process of making friends is probably even harder than it was when we were kids, because it now comes with sarcasm, credit cards and the internet.

Silver lining: Australians have a rep for being down-to-earth, because it’s hard to hang on to grudges with all this ridiculous sunshine and blue sky and lengthy vowel usage flying around.

Here are a few tips to cracking a crew that you might find useful.

Crash the communal spaces and force people to like you

If you’re staying in shared accommodation, you won’t get anywhere by hiding in your dorm room. Here are some ice breaker suggestions to get the ball rolling:

  • Talk about surfing even if you’ve never seen a board before. Buzzwords include “frothing”, “gnarly”, “rippa” and “swell”.
  • Throw out the first compliment you think of.
  • Hot tip: Aussie locals and travellers often enjoy beer, carb-heavy goods like pizza, and long walks on the beach. Ask your future BFF for advice on the best place to indulge these soft spots.
  • Whinge about the cold even though summer takes up almost the entire Aussie year (unless you’re in Melbourne or Tassie, in which case, don’t even go there, it’s a sore spot, abort, abort mission now). E.g. “Mate, can you believe it’s the middle’a summer and it’s gunna be under 30 degrees? What a bloody bummer.”


This is probably the most earnest and useful trick in this list. Smiling says you’re friendly, it says you’re trying, and if things go south, it’ll disguise your tears.

Join a gym, yoga, pilates and muay thai

The extra bucks per week might cause you financial stress, but new friends are priceless. Besides, if you don’t meet anyone new, you can take your rippin’ bod out to the beach. That’s six new friends clinging to your abdomen, right there.

Don’t be a know-it-all


We get it, some people suck, and a LOT of people are wrong. No need to tell them about it every time. Just make like T-Swift and shake it off.

Have someone set you up on a blind friend date

Or join Tinder and friend-zone them from the get-go. Sure, this might piss some people off, but the least you’ll come away with is a free drink. The most, a BFF.

Feed people

This works in any culture. If you have a spare few bucks lying around, use them to buy sausages and white bread and make use of that barbie. The wafting smell will lure them in Pied Piper style.

Ask for help

Pretend you suck at navigation and have never heard of Google Maps before, then ask someone to take you there. All you need to say from this point is, “oh golly, look at that, now that we’ve found the isolated waterfall in the middle of nowhere that I was looking for, why don’t you stick around for a dip ‘n’ chat?” It’s fool proof.

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