Snorkellers swim alongside a turtle near Heron Island, Queensland © James Vodicka/Tourism Australia

Heron Island, Queensland

Swim with Australia’s marine life

Did you know?

There are 45 species of whales and dolphins found in Australian waters.

Get up close and personal

Humpback whale © Blue Dolphin Tours

Top tip

Treat yourself to a night of luxury glamping at Sal Salis during your visit to Exmouth. 

Snorkelers swim above a dwarf minke whale near Cairns © Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

Dwarf Minke Whale, Mike Ball Dive Expeditions, Cairns, Queensland © Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

Shark cage diving with Adventure Bay Charters near Port Lincoln © Adventure Bay Charters

Great White Sharks, Adventure Bay Charters, Port Lincoln, South Australia © Adventure Bay Charters

Scuba divers next to grey nurse sharks at Wolf Rock near Rainbow Beach © Tourism and Events Queensland/Nigel Marsh

Grey Nurse Sharks, Wolf Rock, Sunshine Coast, Queensland © Tourism and Events Queensland/Nigel Marsh

Top tip

You don’t need to swim to see bottlenose dolphins! In Monkey Mia, on Western Australia’s Coral Coast, they come to the shore to interact with people every day.

Fur seals swimming around Montague Island © Destination NSW

Fur Seals, Montague Island, Narooma, New South Wales © Destination NSW

Swimming with sea lions

360-video: swimming with sea lions, Port Lincoln, SA

Fun fact

The waters around Lady Elliot Island are also home to a population of 700 manta rays. On land, check in to Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort.

A turtle swims above coral reef off Lady Musgrave Island  © James Vodicka

Snorkeller with turtle, Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland © James Vodicka/Tourism Australia

Scuba divers with a manta ray at Manta Bommie off North Stradbroke Island © Nigel Marsh/Tourism and Events Queensland

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort, Queensland © Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

Giant Cuttlefish off the coast of Whyalla © Carl Charter/South Australian Tourism Commission

Giant Cuttlefish, Whyalla, South Australia © Carl Charter/South Australian Tourism Commission